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Rich Johnson (nixternal)


Chicago, IL {us}



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<nixternal AT ubuntu DOT com>
<nixternal AT kubuntu DOT org>
<rjohnson AT kde DOT org>


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<nixternal AT gmail DOT com>

Current Team/Membership Status

Former Team/Membership Holdings

Free Software Contributions

Ubuntu / Kubuntu

  • Development
  • Documentation
  • Advocation
  • Support
  • Community Leadership


I have been a part of the Ubuntu development community since 2005. Since then I have become both a MOTU and a Core Developer. I have worked on all types of packages whether it was packaging them from scratch, updating to new release, merging or syncing from Debian, fixing bugs, and more. During this time I have also helped lead various classroom events and mentorships, aiding future Ubuntu developers in gaining a deeper knowledge of the policies, best practices, and team work. My proudest accomplishments in the development arena have been successfully package and fixing core KDE packages for Kubuntu and getting recognized as well as given permissions to upload and contribute to the Debian Qt/KDE Team. Another big accomplishment was being elected by my peers to be a part of the MOTU Council, helping mold the future of Ubuntu development. Another accomplishment I am especially proud of was introducing a KDE desktop meta package for the Edubuntu project. Many people in the KDE and educational communities requested better KDE support out-of-the-box due to a majority of the Edubuntu applications being KDE-based.


I started my Ubuntu community career with Kubuntu system documentation. Since that time I have become one of the leaders of the Ubuntu Documentation Project. My biggest accomplishments with working as a part of the Documentation Project has been successfully re-engineering the way documentation is displayed in Kubuntu as well as being chosen to assist in authoring the Official Ubuntu Book (the Edubuntu chapter). At one point I helped revitalize the Edubuntu Documentation Project. This work has led me to lead up the KDE Documentation Project as well as work with the project leader in GNOME to help bring a unified documentation standard to the Linux desktop.


Marketing and Business Management is my educational background, so of course I felt at home with advocation. After working with the Marketing Team for a bit, I decided it was time to create the Ubuntu Chicago Local Community Team. We were one of the first officially recognized LoCo Teams in the United States. Since then myself and Ubuntu Chicago has led many successful campaigns in Chicago, and have gotten together with other LoCo Teams in the United States to work together.


When I first started, I was an IRC monkey. I was in every channel helping people with any and all issues that I could. From there it spread to the mailing lists and then eventually to hands-on local support here in Chicago as part of the Ubuntu Chicago LoCo Team. If you ever need any help, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Community Leadership

My first bout with leadership in the Ubuntu Community was with the Kubuntu Council. This team was very similar to the Ubuntu Community Council, however the main focus was of course on Kubuntu. From here it spread. I was elected to join the MOTU Council where I have helped approve many new MOTU members as well as recommend many new Core Developers to the Technical Board. In this position the toughest and most rewarding job was conflict resolution. In many of our cases we were able to calm the waters making everyone happy in the end. In one such case, the person who was creating the rough waters, has gone on to become a great contributor to the Debian project, and is still considered a friend to this day. In 2008, the Community Council realized they were to small to handle the membership side of their duties, and instead of taking 2 days to process Ubuntu Membership Applications, the Regional Membership Boards were created. I was elected as a member to the America's Board and have faithfully served the duties of approving new Ubuntu Members since then. This has been one of the most fun positions as I get to meet new people at every meeting, and I get to see people who might not be ready today, grow to be one of the greatest contributors to the project ever tomorrow. My leadership qualities and duties within the Ubuntu Community have helped me become a leader in the KDE community as well by performing the duties as the Leader of the KDE Documentation Project, a member of the KDE e.V., and the newest member to the KDE Community Working Group (KDE's version of the Community Council).


  • Member of the Debian KDE project
  • Maintain, co-maintain, and help with a few KDE packages
  • Bug triage


  • KDE e.V. Member
  • Assist with development where needed
  • Bug triage
  • Leader of the Documentation Project
  • Dot Editor (KDE News)


Ubuntu / Kubuntu

  • Make Kubuntu the greatest KDE implementation ever (in progress)
  • Make Ubuntu even better (in progress)
  • Make Edubuntu the leading education operating system (in progress)
  • Leadership responsibilities in the community
    • Current leadership involvement: Community Council, MOTU Council, Americas Regional Membership Board
    • Previous leadership involvement: Kubuntu Council
    • Future leadership goals: Technical Board
  • Provide support and advocacy for Ubuntu until my face turns blue (in progress)


  • Complete the NM process
  • Work towards Debian Developer status


  • Continue development assistance with KDE 4 (in progress)


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