This is wiki presence of Robin `llaurén' Laurén. The real me works as an IT adviser for a ministry of a government in a developing country, somewhere south of the Equator.

Pardon my vagueness; my contract/my paranoia doesn't allow me to be very specific, but if you want to read more about my life down here, check out my blog at Smile :)

One thing i would like to see in this place is Linux being adopted, both on the server and on the desktop. The government here can't really afford to pay for proprietary commercial software licenses, so they might as well do The Right Thing and use Free software instead. Ubuntu Linux seems, at least in spirit, to be an excellent thing. So far, i've gently pushed Simply Mepis ( to our users and my IT guys, and Fedora and Debian on the server side. The reception so far has been good. But what i'd really like to see is an "UbuntuServer" product: something i could deploy at the government's remote offices easily, something the users would easily use and something my IT guys would be able to support --on-site or remotely-- once i'm gone.

I wrote an entry about this on the IdeaPool page. Maybe this is easier than i think, because i certainly don't think it's peanuts.

From GuillermoNarvaez Wed Mar 23 21:33:26 +0000 2005 From: Guillermo Narvaez Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 21:33:26 +0000 Subject: Some one else in that country of the south Message-ID: <20050323213326+0000@>

I am starting my work there (the there there) and I am curious to know more about the utilization of FOSS "there" You can reach me at narvaezgATgmailDOTcom -- Guillermo (I am an anthropologist looking at technology in developing countries, I spend time "there" in the summers, otherwise I am here in California)



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