Sami Saada

Sami Saada is a finnish computer science student.


Currently Sami lives with his girlfriend in Helsinki. He has own web design company.

Computer skills

Operating system

Sami started using computers with Apple Macintosh and then he moved to use Windows systems. In summer of 2005 Sami began to use Linux by Fedora Core 3 and moved to FC4, when it came out. Winter of 2005 he moved to use Ubuntu 5.10 and was very pleased. Sami has Ubuntu 6.06.1 in his laptop and has as well installed Ubuntu 6.10 and 7.04. Since winter of 2008-2009 he changed his main distribution to Gentoo GNU/Linux. More specific knowledge from MacOS X is also needed.


  • Basics of pascal.
  • More than basics with C.
  • Java is education language in Computer Science.
  • Some Haskell.
  • Some python.
  • Most things from PHP.
  • (X)HTML.
  • CSS.
  • JavaScript and jQuery.

  • SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL and little bit of Oracle).


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