I, Sergio Schvezov, apply for MOTU

About Me


I'm a generation X or Y person depending on when the cutoff date is. For someone who lived in Argentina and in a non early network connected town, I consider myself an early adopter starting with Slackware from a huge set of floppies from a magazzine called Solo Programadores only to discover my family PC was not supported as it had a Triden 9440 card, given the family PC status, I abandoned it until a couple years later where I discovered Red Hat 5.2 and later on Debian (IIRC woody) which was the distribution I stuck with the longest after Ubuntu in the later years.

After getting my first broadband connection I turned into what some people call a *distro hopper* (they didn't last more than a month, except for Gentoo and LFS which took a month to install); you could also include the *BDSs and Solaris/OpenSolaris in those distros.

With regards to work; I've been hired in the past by Motorola where I used Solaris extensively to QA what became TEAM where I worked mostly on the installations, test environments and the actual protocols (SIP, PTT, Cellular/GSM).

I then moved on to work at Intel; where I started out in IT and lab management and spread Ubuntu all over the place and had the first Linux installation in the commercial datacenter. I then moved on to work for Intel's AppUp for MeeGo, which looked pretty much like Ubuntu Software Center now and had apps promoted though it's panels (much like Ubuntu's Lens).

Actual ME

Come 2012, I moved on to work for Canonical; I love the work here, the openness and community around Ubuntu. My dedication was initially on Ubuntu for Android but shortly after became part of the team that started building the phablet, now called Ubuntu Touch and hopefully soon, just Ubuntu Smile :-) That team today is the Ubuntu Phone Foundtations team.

Contact Information






sergiusens [at]



Mostly worked around what adds up to Ubuntu Touch:

And now snappy as well:

  • ... the snappy webdm.
  • ... ubuntu-device-flash support
  • ... overall here and there small snippets in the snappy cli, init and others.

You can often find me on #ubuntu-touch, #ubuntu-ci-eng and #ubuntu-devel on freenode.

My relevant talks at events (outside of [v]UDS) are:

Things I can do better

  • Track existing bugs in a more active manner.
  • Respond to issues faster.

Future Goals

  • Improve code test coverage.
  • Embrace auto package tests (for click and debs).


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Loïc Minier

General feedback

Sergio has proven a solid understanding of Ubuntu development. Not only does he program in a wide range of the languages we care about -- C, Python, Go... -- he also understands Debian packaging in depth.

More importantly, Sergio is a very conscientious person; he's precise in his work and he keeps automating the things that really ought to be automated. Very important to me, he listens to others and takes comments into account when iterating.

Specific Experiences of working together

I can't list specific things, but over the past many months I've looked at utility scripts, Debian packaging changes, upstream code snippets and more pieces developed by Sergio; I don't have any bad memory of any! Smile :-)

Michael Vogt (mvo)

General feedback

I worked with Sergio on the snappy project. He knows packaging very well, especialy his golang packaging expertise is very valuable. He is also a strong developer and he knows his golang and python (probably more, but those were the languages we used when working together). I think he will be a good MOTU as he is not afraid to venture into previously unknown areas but knows enough so that he will not be too adventurous Smile :)


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