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Describe ServerTeam/OpenStackHA here.

= Overview =

= Juju Deployment =

== Base Services ==

{u'ceph': {u'fsid': u'6547bd3e-1397-11e2-82e5-53567c8d32dc',
           u'monitor-count': u'3',
           u'monitor-secret': u'AQCXrnZQwI7KGBAAiPofmKEXKxu5bUzoYLVkbQ==',
           u'osd-devices': u'/dev/vdb',
           u'osd-reformat': u'yes',
           u'source': u'cloud:precise-updates/grizzly'},
 u'mysql': {u'vip': u'', u'vip_cidr': u'19'},
 u'rabbitmq-server': {u'vip': u'', u'vip_cidr': u'19'}}

juju deploy -n 3 local:ceph ceph
juju deploy -n 2 local:rabbitmq-server rabbitmq-server
juju deploy -n 2 local:mysql mysql
juju deploy local:hacluster mysql-hacluster
juju deploy local:hacluster rabbitmq-hacluster
juju add-relation mysql ceph
juju add-relation mysql mysql-hacluster
juju add-relation rabbitmq-server ceph
juju add-relation rabbitmq-server rabbitmq-hacluster

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