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Dhaka, Bangladesh


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(+88) 0167-0965741 (text message only)


shahriar86 or shahriar086 on freenode #ubuntu-bd, #ubuntu-marketing

Current Distro

Kubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope)

Future Distro

Kubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) & RBL-Royal Bengal Linux(remastered version of Debian/Ubuntu for the Bangladehi people)

Hello everyone, I am Saiyad Mohammad Shahriar Tariq Munim Bin Manzur. (Yes I am aware that I have a pretty big name, in fact I could not finish registration for the school final exam.)

Anyway back to work, I am not a technical person, know less about the technical aspects of computer or Linux. Like many, Ubuntu is the first Linux distro I have tried. I believe that what I receive I should return it back to other. So I decided to give back to the Ubuntu community by providing my services on which I am knowledgeable. I am marketing student and I actually look after the marketing section of our Local Community Team in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is full of potential what it requires is the right guideline and I believe Opensource philosophy can help Bangladesh prosper.

Ubuntu Bangladesh

  • I am working as the marketing and content manager for this approved local community team. It is part of my responsibility to maintain the official webpage for our LoCo Team I write and translate Ubuntu related news items that goes on in this site.

  • I like to monitor & participate in discussions of our mailing list Ubuntu-BD mailing list.

  • I provide basic help to the visitors on our forum and IRC channel #ubuntu-bd.


  • Hardy Release Party: I organized this 4-hours long release party and coordinated with speakers and volunteers to make sure that the program runs smoothly. Held on May 17, 2008.

  • Intrepid Ibex Live: Organized another 4-hours long workshop to give the audience a glimpse of Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex. Hold a 15min Presentation on what FOSS is and why we need it in Bangladesh. Held on Nov 21, 2008.

  • Organized Ubuntu Linux 9.04 Live: a 5-hours long workshop on Ubuntu Linux 9.04's new features and updates. Gave 20min Presentation on Ubuntu Linux Installation. Held on May 29, 2009.

Personal contribution

  • I keep a liaison with the educational institutions, online communities as well as with newspapers and magazines.
  • I burn and distribute Ubuntu, Kubuntu and other Linux distro CDs and DVDs for free of cost where possible. (Blank disks are cheaper than the govt. tax-custom charge imposed on the CDs sent by ShipIt).

  • I also give home delivery where it was required.

Future Plans

  • Organizing more programs and workshops at universities.
  • Representing Ubuntu Bangladesh at the Software Freedom Day 2009 Bangladesh event.

  • Continuing the CD and DVD distribution program.
  • Opening Several Distribution Center throughout the country in a view to create an effective and efficient distribution network for Ubuntu and other Linux distros.
  • Encouraging and helping my friends and families to become Ubuntu members.

My Other Affiliations


Bangladesh Linux Users Alliance


SpreadUbuntu (SU)

Volunteer (Bangladesh)

Creative Commons


Royal Bengal Linux-Codenamed RBL-2009 (Remastered version of Debian/Ubuntu for Bangladeshi people)

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