This is initial work on the SFD "Starter Manual" which is designed to be:

  1. an introduction for people who stumble onto the site
  2. a guide for potential team leaders

The SoftwareFreedomDayStarterManual consists of:

  1. FAQ
  2. Do/Don't list
    • DO present the capabilities and practical benefits of FOSS.
      • DO NOT pretend that FOSS is perfect for everyone or everything.
    • DO have the ability to present FOSS ideology clearly and concisely to interested people.
      • DO NOT beat uninterested people over the head with ideology; this will confuse and intimidate them. Instead...
    • DO let the quality of the software speak for itself and its ideology.
    • DO have demo machines present if possible.
    • DO your best to connect people with a local FOSS community.
    • DO provide contact information for your SFD team so people can susequently contact you for more information.
    • DO get contact information from interested and willing people, so you can proactively follow-up with them later.
    • DO proactively follow-up with people who attend your SFD event.
    • DO find and cooperate with other SFD teams in your area.
    • DO start other SFD teams in your area - this is cooperation, not competition!
    • DO NOT (and I repeat) DO NOT bash Microsoft or SCO or any other false Great Satan. Software Freedom Day is not about any individual companies or people; Software Freedom Day is a positive celebration of Software Freedom.ยท

  3. Target group identification
    • government
    • business
      • small
      • big
    • families
      • Plan an event to reach your target group.

  4. Event Scenarios (every scenario distributes CDs and literature)
    • Here is a starting list:
      1. set up simple public booth, hand out CDs
        • Possibly have demo machines present
      2. hold installation workshop(s) and combined FOSS installfests (not just Linux, but also Windows FOSS)
        • possibly lab-based installfests in schools/businesses
        • possibly cooperate with local computer store to do an in-store installfest...possibly with discounts for associated purchases?
        • advertise to "revitalize" slow computers - delete those virus/adware/spyware-ridden Windows OSes and install Linux!
      3. hold seminar on IP, Free Culture, Patents
      4. have a cultural event - food, drink, music (jam session? - "open-source music")
        • FSF was founded in 1985, so this is the 20th anniversary of Software Freedom. Celebrate Free Software with a birthday party...
      5. organize an expo to highlight small businesses using FOSS


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