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[19:50] <Flare183> I'm here
[19:50] <Flare183> xq: i'm here
[19:52] [482] #ubuntu-us-sc You need to be a channel operator to do that
[19:52] [482] #ubuntu-us-sc You need to be a channel operator to do that
[19:55] <xq> k
[19:55] <Flare183> kk just making sure
[19:56] <xq> 5 - 10 minutes, hopefully a few more people come in. a few more said they would be here ;)
[19:56] <Flare183> yeap lets hope
[19:56] <xq> I had down at least 8 that said they would "definitely" be here and then another 5 were "hopefully"
[19:57] <Flare183> "I had down" what?
[19:57] <xq> I had wrriten down at least 8 people that told me...they would be here and 5 others that said they could hopefully make it
[19:58] <xq> written*
[19:58] <Flare183> oh ok gotcha
[19:58] <xq> Sorry *hits self* complete sentences!
[19:58] <xq> I think work fried my brain
[19:58] <Flare183> lol Its alright i understand
[19:58] <Flare183> nah
[19:58] --> justtech has joined this channel (n=justtech@adsl-074-181-093-011.sip.gsp.bellsouth.net).
[19:58] <xq> hey justtech
[19:59] <Flare183> whats up justtech
[19:59] <Flare183> ?
[19:59] <justtech> whazzup fellas
[19:59] <Flare183> nothing much
[19:59] --> recluse2 has joined this channel (n=recluse2@
[19:59] <xq> Heya recluse2
[19:59] <Flare183> what's up recluse2
[19:59] <Flare183> ?
[19:59] <recluse2> Howdy
[19:59] <justtech> I LOVE Ubuntu!!!
[19:59] <justtech> :D
[19:59] * Flare183 says Stupid enter button!
[19:59] <justtech> sorry, had to throw that out there
[19:59] <xq> lol
[19:59] <Flare183> justtech: it's alright we understand
[19:59] <xq> I'm sure it loves you back ;)
[20:00] <Flare183> pfft lol
[20:00] <justtech> yes it does... we spend TONS of quality time together... I mean TONS
[20:00] <xq> Well it does!
[20:00] <xq> See!
[20:00] <Flare183> yeap
[20:00] <Flare183> the Ubuntu LOVE
[20:00] <Flare183> lol
[20:01] <justtech> <3
[20:01] <Flare183> 8:01
[20:01] <MrTsunami> Or so Ubuntu tells me so.
[20:01] <xq> Yep, starting at 8:05. Just giving a few people the chance to get in.
[20:01] <xq> In the mean time --
[20:01] <Flare183> kk
[20:01] <Flare183> what?
[20:01] <xq> Anyone currently in here -- are you a member of Team SC on Launchpad.net?
[20:01] <xq> https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-southcarolina/+members
[20:02] <justtech> yes
[20:02] <recluse2> I am
[20:02] <Flare183> xq: op? or not
[20:02] <MrTsunami> I think I am
[20:02] <MrTsunami> yeah I am
[20:02] <Flare183> yeap
[20:02] <justtech> if you sign up you get a free copy of Ubuntu
[20:02] <MrTsunami> o rly?
[20:02] <Flare183> yeah really
[20:03] <xq> I see: justtech, Flare183, Rossimo, recluse,
[20:03] <xq> MrTsunami: What's your name on launchpad?
[20:03] <MrTsunami> taylor
[20:03] <MrTsunami> taylort*
[20:03] <xq> Got it
[20:03] <Flare183> great
[20:03] <xq> Everyone here has been to the forums and is signed up for the mailing list? :)
[20:04] <justtech> yes sir
[20:04] <recluse2> yep
[20:04] <MrTsunami> Yeah, I'm on there.
[20:04] <Flare183> you know it
[20:04] <xq> Great, the forums are a great way to communicate!
[20:04] <Flare183> personally, i like the IRC Better
[20:04] <xq> And the mailing list has been used mainly for announcements.
[20:04] * MrTsunami seconds Flare183's comment
[20:05] --> etank has joined this channel (n=etank@ubuntu/member/etank).
[20:05] <Flare183> wow etank is coming in here?
[20:05] <xq> Yeap! Flare does! I use it when I can at night and when I'm off work. I've been on IRC a lot more lately now that the channel has picked up.
[20:05] <etank> hola everybody
[20:05] <xq> etank is one of our mentors. Welcome etank
[20:05] <MrTsunami> Hey etank
[20:06] <Flare183> oh ok etank you remember me right?
[20:06] <justtech> <---- bows down to etank
[20:06] <etank> justtech: you can stand now ;)
[20:06] <Flare183> lol
[20:06] <etank> Flare183: sure
[20:06] <Flare183> etank: great
[20:06] <justtech> thank you sir
[20:07] <recluse2> I'm sorry but I know not of etank
[20:07] <xq> One of the first things on our agenda for tonight is just a bareboned Charter. (Agenda is at: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SouthCarolinaTeam/24Jan08Agenda). I just wanted to get some of your opinions regarding things that will revolve around membership!
[20:07] <MrTsunami> justtech, I shall now teach you the wonders of the /me command...
[20:07] <etank> recluse2: thats ok
[20:07] <etank> not many do :(
[20:07] <Flare183> Now, lets get on with the meeting..
[20:07] <xq> etank came rolling in like a tank I see. ;p
[20:07] <Flare183> xq: should i change the topic to say " the meeting is in session" or something like that?
[20:08] <justtech> xq... can you give me multiple choice?
[20:08] <xq> Sure
[20:08] <Flare183> ok
[20:08] <justtech> ty
[20:08] <xq> Sure, justtech
[20:08] * etank whispers sorry to xq and that he will be quiet now :x
[20:08] * Flare183 say I love ops access
[20:08] <-> chanserv> op #ubuntu-us-sc
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[20:08] <Flare183> ok done
[20:09] <xq> First thing I wanted to ask, I currently set Members to be members for "Life" and hope they will deactivate themselves (like I have seen people do) if they have to become inactive.
[20:09] <xq> So -- do we want to set memberships upon application to let's say 1 year and have members reapply when they expire?
[20:09] <justtech> yes
[20:09] <Flare183> I will be a member for life I'm not planning on going anywhere any time soon
[20:09] <xq> Right now we ask nothing of members, this could change in the future -- like attending one IRC meeting in a 4 month period of time or so.
[20:09] <Flare183> yes i agree
[20:09] <xq> This is why it might be beneficial to changing membership terms.
[20:09] <Flare183> yeah perfect
[20:10] <xq> But it involves you guys, so I wanted to run it by you! And it starts the charter with something like that.
[20:10] <justtech> how often are the IRC meetings?
[20:10] <xq> That's next up -- how often would we like them to be?
[20:11] <Flare183> justtech: every 4 months officially anyway
[20:11] <xq> Choices: Once a month, twice a month? Every 6 weeks?
[20:11] <justtech> people like me (own two businesses) (father of two) needs some leadway.. I will do what I can
[20:11] <MrTsunami> It really depends on people's schedules--I think biweekly would probably be good
[20:11] <Flare183> sorry
[20:11] <Flare183> lets see...
[20:11] <recluse2> Once a month
[20:11] <Flare183> Twice a month sounds good to me
[20:11] <justtech> sounds good... I can make one of those AT LEAST every 4 months
[20:12] <xq> IRC meetings can happen more often than RL meetings, eventually we'd like to start having some meetings in certain areas of SC. Like for example, a Greenville meet-up, a Columbia meet-up, Charleston meet-up etc. But that's down on the roadmap a bit.
[20:12] <xq> We'll schedule an OFFICIAL meeting once a month then.
[20:12] <MrTsunami> Unofficial meetings as often as people are around?
[20:12] <Flare183> ok
[20:12] <justtech> sounds good
[20:12] <xq> And maybe a non-official one "just for fun" in between -- for those that just want to chat and get together.
[20:12] <xq> Yep, MrTsunami. You can hang out and chat whenever in here! That's highly encouraged.
[20:12] <Flare183> xq: yeah sounds good so we keep that from now on?
[20:13] <recluse2> sounds like a good plan
[20:13] <xq> And if any ideas come up for the team or anything revolving around the team feel free to post them on the board or the mailing list. Also HIGHLY encourged.
[20:13] <Flare183> i guess that was a yes.
[20:13] <xq> Yep, Flare. Now for the time. Is this a good time for everyone -- 8 mid to late week days?
[20:13] <justtech> yes
[20:14] <recluse2> good for me
[20:14] <Flare183> mid?
[20:14] <xq> For me too. I would like to keep your weekends clear for now ;)
[20:14] <Flare183> oh ok then yeah sure
[20:14] <xq> Flare183: Just not Friday, basically
[20:14] <Flare183> xq: gotcha
[20:15] <xq> Are meet-ups a good idea for locales?
[20:15] <xq> Down the line that is -- for mid-2008?
[20:15] <xq> Install fests etc., maybe even to go and help campuses out (like Clemson or USC)?
[20:15] <MrTsunami> It'd depend on how concentrated we are
[20:15] <xq> Or even if someone is willing to host a dinner?
[20:16] <xq> Yeah, it could be small too though. Meet-up at a restaurant for an hour or so for dinner. But yeah, depends on concentration. We can revisit in a few months.
[20:16] <MrTsunami> I like the idea of a restaurant...
[20:16] <MrTsunami> maybe I just want food
[20:16] * MrTsunami is hungry.
[20:16] <xq> haha
[20:16] <Flare183> yeah but since I'm actually in High School and with little or no transport your co-team leader (this sucks) will have to stay at the house.
[20:16] <justtech> yes I meet with other clubs that I'm in as well
[20:17] <xq> Do you guys have anything that you feel you would like to contribute and be willing to contribute?
[20:17] <justtech> most of the time we rent a shed at a park and cook out
[20:17] <Flare183> but will do my all best from where i am at if that is alright with you xq
[20:17] <justtech> sit around and chat
[20:17] <MrTsunami> Flare183, I'm a high school student as well
[20:17] <xq> For example -- Flare helps out on IRC and website. :)
[20:17] <Flare183> yeap and I will continue doing so
[20:18] <xq> And is Team SC's co-leader now. You can go to her with any problems or concerns you may have just like you were going to me. She may even host some meetings down the line. :)
[20:18] <justtech> I already host install parties with new Ubuntu releases... all of you are invited
[20:18] <xq> justtech: Awesome. Keep us informed on the Forums of when they are (please!)
[20:18] <justtech> indeed
[20:18] <Flare183> who is the her?
[20:19] <xq> Oops
[20:19] <xq> I just made a bad assumption ;P
[20:19] <justtech> saves bandwith... one download to local server then everyone drags from there
[20:19] <xq> You can kill me later.
[20:19] <xq> HE*
[20:19] <Flare183> OMG don't tell me you thought i was a girl wtf
[20:19] <Flare183> i'm sorry
[20:19] <xq> I thought your name was JessIe
[20:20] <Flare183> Jesse is the boy Jessie is the girl
[20:20] <justtech> lol
[20:20] <xq> It doesn't matter either way, nothing to be sorry about. Do not apologize. ;p
[20:20] <xq> I'm just embarassed ;)
[20:20] <Flare183> It's alright I'm fine just letting you know i'm a boy....
[20:20] <MrTsunami> xq, I hope you didn't think I was a guy! :P
[20:21] <MrTsunami> </sarcasm>
[20:21] <-- Rossimo has left this server ("Leaving.").
[20:21] <xq> Omg, you aren't MrSTsunami
[20:21] <xq> Moving on...
[20:21] <MrTsunami> ha, I'm male
[20:21] <Flare183> forget ok that's straight next thing
[20:21] <xq> Rossimo is the LUG leader at Clemson University.
[20:21] <Flare183> And he just left
[20:21] <xq> He runs Ubuntu and is interested in getting involved with Ubuntu-SC.
[20:22] <xq> So he was going to talk about how we could help. He had a meeting right before this one that might've interferred...
[20:22] <xq> I'll schedule the next meeting with his schedule in mind.
[20:22] <Flare183> ok
[20:23] <Flare183> where is scheater5 at?
[20:23] <Flare183> nevermind then...
[20:23] <xq> I just wanted to let you guys know about Ross. He has a great LUG chapter at Clemson University and we will hopefully, eventually share in ideas and events with LUGs.
[20:23] * Flare183 is marking him absent
[20:24] <Flare183> and if you don't know LUG =  Linux User Group
[20:24] <justtech> I know a few Clemson students that use Ubuntu :D
[20:25] <xq> Flare183 has two projects on Launchpad that he wants to share with you...if you are interested in helping out..I'll post on the Forums considering the Skeleton Charter for more discussion later. We can mold the skeleton and "add more bones to it" and then give it some skin at the next meeting revolving around the forum post.
[20:25] <xq> Flare183: Take it away with Project KDEFox and Jasper 3D Window Manager.
[20:25] <Flare183> ok
[20:26] <Flare183> First Jasper
[20:26] <Flare183> Anybody use Beryl, Compiz, or Compiz Fusion?
[20:26] <Flare183> In here?
[20:26] <justtech> Gusty = Compiz
[20:26] <justtech> yes
[20:26] <recluse2> not with my current hardware
[20:26] <MrTsunami> Yeah, not currently, but I have.
[20:27] <Flare183> ok, who has used Beryl?
[20:27] <Flare183> by itself
[20:27] <recluse2> I have fooled with them some
[20:27] <MrTsunami> I've used Beryl by itself
[20:27] <justtech> I had it with Feisty
[20:27] <MrTsunami> I still use Feisty
[20:28] <Flare183> ok then I had an idea, it would be so cool if we combined ALL the plugins into one big 3D Window Manager
[20:28] <Flare183> I've used it since edgy
[20:28] <Flare183> great idea right?
[20:28] <justtech> maybe one that doesn't leak memory SOOO bad... I have to restart Compiz 2-3 times a day because it's consuming at least a gig of mem
[20:28] <recluse2> Pretty good, simplification is always good
[20:29] <Flare183> yeah well that's the first project if anybody is interested
[20:29] <justtech> I only use maybe 3-4 of the features in compize
[20:29] * xq loves compiz.
[20:29] <Flare183> If you are then email me or post if or what ever
[20:29] <justtech> BUT... they are great features to get other younger generationg to even look at Ubuntu
[20:30] <Flare183> justtech: dude i'm 17 i love compiz-fusion
[20:30] <justtech> excuse spelling... been a long couple of weeks
[20:30] <Flare183> ...
[20:30] <Flare183> Ok, the next project is KDEFox
[20:30] <justtech> I like some of the features but I work A LOT and want to be able to multi-task so mem hogs are bad for me
[20:31] <Flare183> If you were to google firefox for kde you would get alot of results like requests of firefox being ported to KDE
[20:32] <Flare183> yeah your right justtech, but i work a whole lot, CAD, Term Papers, etc. and all multitasking
[20:32] <justtech> :S  I'm lost on this one... never used KDE
[20:32] <justtech> I must not have the rig you have
[20:32] <Flare183> well who uses kde?
[20:32] <justtech> <---- poor man
[20:33] <recluse2> I'm not a KDE guy truthfully, I like gnome
[20:33] <MrTsunami> I've used ti before
[20:33] <MrTsunami> it*
[20:33] <xq> Oh guys if you have projects for Ubuntu like this and need web hosting space, just ask me. I have a few dedicated servers, I used to do dedicated hosting (selling etc.), ... so, if you need any free hosting for ANY team related items/projects just let me know. It will obviously be free.
[20:33] <Flare183> well i had a problem a year back when gnome crapped up on me and it pi** me off so bad I switch to KDE
[20:33] <recluse2> Cool xq
[20:33] <justtech> ty xp
[20:33] <justtech> xq
[20:34] <xq> Because some of these projects might need some hosting space :)
[20:34] <Flare183> xq: yeah the domain is flare183.org
[20:34] <xq> k, I'll get it registered and send you the info for FTP etc.
[20:34] <Flare183> xq: k thanks alot
[20:34] <recluse2> I do admit, KDE did get me looking at linux to begin with
[20:35] <xq> np, thanks for being an active and contributing member ;)
[20:35] <Flare183> xq: no problem I love every minute of it
[20:35] <xq> So, what do you guys want to do with Team SC?
[20:35] <MrTsunami> I used Mandriva once or twice, and BackTrack is KDE as well
[20:35] <Flare183> Any of you guys got any ideas of anything special?
[20:36] <recluse2> We need to evangalize Ubuntu
[20:36] <justtech> Team SC - spread the word about Ubuntu and open source
[20:36] <justtech> my thoughts
[20:36] <xq> One of my central projects in the upcoming weeks is a Wiki over-haul -- You look at SC's wiki and compare it to Kentucky's Team Wiki page for example ( https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KentuckyTeam ) and well... Argh!
[20:36] <recluse2> More Users!
[20:36] <justtech> if you need help with that... let me know
[20:37] <xq> We need active users
[20:37] <justtech> agreed
[20:37] <justtech> I'll have 2-3 more by next meeting
[20:37] <Flare183> So is anybody interested in the 2 projects?
[20:37] <Flare183> gotcha xq anything to help
[20:38] <recluse2> I will help however I can flare183
[20:38] <Flare183> recluse2: ok great
[20:38] <justtech> etank was serious about being quite
[20:38] <justtech> :(
[20:39] <etank> sorry
[20:39] <justtech> no need to appologize Sir
[20:39] <Flare183> recluse2: have you got bazaar installed yet?
[20:39] <Flare183> !search bzr
[20:39] <ubot3> Found: bzrmerges, bzr
[20:39] <Flare183> !bzr
[20:39] <ubot3> bzr is Bazaar-NG, a decentralized revision control system designed to be easy for developers and end users alike. Decentralized revision control systems give people the ability to work over the internet using the bazaar development model.  See http://bazaar-vcs.org/QuickHackingWithBzr for a quickstart guide.
[20:40] * Flare183 says I love the bots!
[20:40] * etank likes hg better than bzr
[20:40] <Flare183> !hg
[20:40] <ubot3> Factoid hg not found
[20:40] <Flare183> etank: never heard of it
[20:40] <recluse2> No I do not. I'm no coder just a willing volunteer
[20:41] <etank> http://www.selenic.com/mercurial/wiki/
[20:41] <Flare183> recluse2: well to work with the source code (it's on launchpad) you must have installed bzr
[20:41] <Flare183> recluse2: it's similar to the svn or cvs ok?
[20:41] <recluse2> I am looking into it now
[20:47] <-- recluse2 has left this channel.
[20:48] <justtech> anything else to cover?
[20:48] <xq> Meeting is ajourned, we will set a future date and time on the Forums and on the Wiki. This log will be posted as well.
[20:48] --> recluse2 has joined this channel (n=recluse2@
[20:48] <Flare183> ok
[20:49] <xq> Please check the forums to help create the charter :) Meeting adjourned. Thanks for coming! Your time and contribution is appreciated.


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