A Project of the MarketingTeam : Project Lead: LloydHardy : Project Members: FredricSolstad


  • To provide accurate Speaker Literature
  • To explore what the listenership wants to know
  • To set a QoS and guidance for new speakers
  • To use speaking experiences to aid better future presentations


In order to enable members of the General public aware of the free alternative that is Ubuntu, we must talk to them. We must understand what users want - just as we do in NewUserLiterature. We must address the issues of public speaking and the importance of presenting a friendly yet professional community to the Public. We must no ignore the fact that some businesses will require SLA's and this is something that can be offered by Canonical.

What Users Need To Hear

  • That this is not something to pass by
  • That Ubuntu is FREE!

General tips on speaking to a audience

  • Try to speak in a clear voice, drink a cup of tea or something, but _not_ milk before the speech since milk clogs up the voice.
  • Stand up! Never sit down while speaking to an audience
  • Eye contact! Make sure that you look at the audience, not your notes
  • If you need notes, write them down on small cards.
  • If you get stuck, move on! Don't be silent for too long
  • Use body language! Don't stand there like a tree, gesticulate.
  • Use correct language, stay away from slang, abbreviations and such
  • At the end, summarize the speech.
  • Most important: BE PREPARED!!
  • Use any message delivery tools you can

We Probably Learn (albeit Folklore):

  • 10% of what we read
  • 20% of what we hear
  • 30% of what we see
  • 50% of what we see and hear
  • 70% of what is discussed
  • 80% of what we personally experience
  • 95% of what we teach to someone else

Delivery Tools

Not only should we present with our voices, but really interact with the group we are talking to. Utilising presentations, visual tools, leaflets on seats, OHP text and graphics, taking questions, making a second meeting point / place of contact (see UbuntuPeople), letting the group _use_ Ubuntu, see the applications, use the productivity tools, play games - and then helping, teaching, installing, supporting these users. Most importantly of all, welcoming and assisting these New Users to talk to and teach others.


Please find draft for speech: http://www.ubuntupeople.com/speech/speech.doc

Please rip it apart Fredric, team - let's see if there's anything missing and if we're getting the message across. Not something to read-out, just an idea and something from my perspective. If we get it polished, I can talk to the others regarding a presentation to go with it / artwork for the day. Anyone who thinks they're good at presentations - step forward. Wink ;)

PS - I thought it would be ironic to make it a .doc, lol.

Join Us

Please join our team here: MarketingTeam and add your name to the list at the top of this page. We are an open team, inviting all members of the community - new and old to join.


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