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Since the transition from GDM 2.20 to 2.26 there is no longer a graphical facility to configure preferences for GDM.

Ubuntu bug:

GNOME bug:

GNOME task to add background setting to appearance applet:


Without a tool an average user will not be able to change the login settings from the default.

Use cases

  • Mike wants to have his user automatically log in
  • Jim wants to change the background of the login screen


The changes will involve

  • Producing patches to implement the user interface


Option A

  • Produce a stand-alone gdmsetup tool with the following options:
    • Default user
    • Login delay
    • Background

Option B

  • Modify the "Users and Groups" tool to be able to set the default user and login delay
  • Modify the "Appearance" tool to be able to set the login background


  • Option A chosen for first release to provide functionality
  • Implemented in C
  • GTK+ GUI
  • Use PolicyKit for authorisation