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Testing of the major milestones Beta, RC and Final stretches over about a week and is done in three stages to ensure the best use of available human resources.

Hardy ISO test schedule





Smoke testing

March 13-15

Fix validation testing

March 15-17

ISO validation testing

March 18-19

Release Candidate

Smoke testing

April 10-12

Fix validation testing

April 12-14

ISO validation testing

April 15-16


Smoke testing

April 17-19

Fix validation testing

April 19-21

ISO validation testing

April 22-23

Testing details

In the first smoke test phase we perform a wide series of tests to cover every ISO and install method but do not attempt to test every combination. The aim is to find bugs quickly so they can be addressed for the milestone. As developers fix these bus as well as other milestoned bugs we perform fix validation testing to confirm that these bugs are indeed fixed and that the fixes have not introduced other problems. Finally we perform complete ISO validation testing in which we apply every relevant test case to each ISO in order to ensure that every ISO we ship works as expected. This phase is quite labor intensive and will require the participation of 20 or more people in a short window of time.

Smoke testing

The first round of testing is designed to find high impact bugs in a short period of time so they can be addressed before the milestone is released. Smoke testing should occur just after the archives are frozen. Upgrade and netboot testing can start immediately; ISO testing starts after the first daily images based on the frozen archive appear. The following elements should receive coverage during smoke testing:

  • Core distro flavours: Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Edubuntu, Server

  • Supported architectures: i386, amd64, sparc

  • Image types: Live CD, Alternate, Netboot (not DVDs)

  • Install methods: erase disk, auto-resize, manual partitioning, entire disk with encryption, Netboot, Upgrade

  • Select new features: Compiz, tracker, Firefox 3, GVFS, X config tool, disk encryption, Active Directory, Wubi

Testing will be coordinated in #ubuntu-testing and the results tracked on a [:Testing/ISO/Smoke:simple checklist]. The number of tests is kept low intentionally, but they should be performed with care (e.g. there are only 3 Live CD session test in total, but they should be thorough; testing much of the default applications and installing others).

Fix validation testing

Test the changes that were introduced after the archive freeze to verify the fixes work and that they don't break surrounding functionality. [:Testing/ISO/FixValidation:Track fix validation testing here]

Image validation testing

Complete validation testing of all images and test cases. If phases 1 and 2 have been effective there should not be any show-stopper bugs appearing at this stage. The broader testing is likely to reveal a large number of minor bugs though. These should be targeted at the next milestone or stable release updates. Track image validation testing at [].

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