Hi! I'm Tom and the purpose of this page is to coordinate integration of WebSphere Application Server Community Edition into Ubuntu.

WASCE has been supported on Ubuntu for some time, but I'm now packaging it as a deb, and want to host it in the multiverse so its more accessible to Ubuntu users.


WASCE v2.0.0.1 is currently posted to REVU. Comments welcome!


  1. Currently, you have to build the WASCE binary out of REVU.

  2. Install WASCE using any of your favorite Ubuntu mechanisms. For example,
    • From Nautilus, double-click the WASCE deb to open it with the GDebi Package Installer.
  3. Accept the license to complete the installation wizard.
  4. Point your browser at the package's /usr/share/doc/wasce-2.0/README.Debian.htm for further usage instructions.


WASCE/Ubuntu packaging and integration issues should be discussed on the WASCE web forum.

Underlying Java EE 5 issues should be discussed on the Apache Geronimo Users web forum.

If you really need to speak directly to WASCE, start with Tom Rowe.


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