Tomas Žeimys

Email: <zeimys AT ubuntu DOT com>

Jabber: <zeimys AT gmail DOT com>

Skype: tomas.zeimys

ICQ: 166520062

IRC: Styxas on

GSM: +370 636 41237


Member of: LithuanianTeam


My Name is Tomas Žeimys, I'm 25 years old Web programmer/project manager from Vilnius, Lithuania.
I've got interested in Ubuntu since its first release at the end of 2004. Since then i got involved in advocacy of Ubuntu. In May 2005 I have made a website about ubuntu with frequently updated news related to Ubuntu and OSS, forums and articles. Little by little this website evolved into community that currently holds over 2,500 users from Lithuania (that is the biggest local community related to computers now). Now we organize monthly live, face-to-face meetings, we have work groups for translations and local support.

Constantly I spread written word about Ubuntu in biggest magazines in Lithuania related to computers.

In conclusion i can say, that my field of involvement is advocacy. It's a pity but i don't manage bugs, translations or develop new products, because i simply don't have time for that. There is a proverb in Lithuania "kas daro viską, nepadaro nieko" (person who does everything, doesn't produce anything) and in the future i'm planing to stick to and do my best in advocacy of Ubuntu and other OSS.

Current contribution

  • Start, managing and leading of community in Lithuania
  • Organizing local events and conferences
  • Creating and distribution of promo material (posters, fliers, stickers, t-shirts, advertisements in local printed media and internet websites)
  • Some activity in software translations and arguing about some translation variants
  • Articles in local printed media

In progress

  • New website and social network utility for OSS users in Lithuania

  • Organizing of charity project "Green PC". (fixing/reusing of old computers donated by other people/companies and giving them away with installed Ubuntu (Xubuntu) for organizations oriented to upbringing of children (orphanage, after class groups, country schools, etc.))

  • Preparing a plan for "Ubucon Baltic" (2-3 days long open source solution exhibition and series of seminars for people from Baltic region (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia))


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