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Ubuntu Desktop Course 8.04 LTS is now available as PDFs in several languages, instructor and student versions.

Many thanks to community members who worked hard writing, reviewing, editing, proofreading and translating!

Note: You can generate localized docbook and HTML from project source.


Download PDFs

Here are the currently available PDFs of guide. Student and instructor versions, in various languages. The files are large (around 60MB).

Project Source and Development

Download Source and Build PDFs

  1. Install bzr as follows: sudo apt-get install bzr

  2. Obtain the source in a new directory as follows: bzr branch lp:ubuntu-desktop-course

  3. See the README file for instructions on building localized HTML, PDF and docbook and on localization (including images).

Note on Translations

There may be translations that were originally done directly in language-specific docbook xml files and that have not been ported to po files (the new translation approach). This conversion is required to produced localized versions, and it needs to be done by native language speakers. If PDFs for your desired language are not available, please email the list: ubuntu-training-community@lists.ubuntu.com.

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