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The Ubuntu Training Community Team welcomes contributions from all levels. From new users to technical experts, we need your feedback to help create and test the various Ubuntu training products.

The Ubuntu Desktop Course ILT

The first Ubuntu Desktop Course, Instructor Led Training (ILT) was developed using DocBook to design and write the content. The first course was released for version 7.04 and then updated to version 8.04 LTS in late 2008. We are currently in the process of planning the update process for the 10.04 LTS release.

Upgrading the UDC-ILT Course

  1. Identify changes needed see Upgrade Tasks

    • - mailing list - Launchpad bugs - Bzr patches
  2. Organize sign up list by chapter/section for volunteers
  3. Aggregate updates
  4. Create patches in Bzr for changes, merge into final
    • - OO Write v3 can now edit Docbook format (but not very well)

How you can participate

  1. Join the ubuntu-training-community mailing list and let us know that you are interested in contributing. *Sign up at:

    1. List any relevant background or expertise you might have
  2. Tasks we need help with:
    1. Updating the courseware for the Ubuntu Desktop Course including identifying what needs to be updated, rewriting and editing sections, reviewing the beta version
    2. Reviewing new courseware as it is being developed
    3. Using the courseware to teach at your Loco meetings and other non-profits and sending us feedback
    4. Helping us to identify other courses/classes that might be good candidates for development
    5. Working with the Classroom and other teams to use the materials to help train others on IRC and other events

Brainstorm Area

If you have any ideas/comment or questions, please add them here. And always feel free to email me, with any questions or concerns: dinda AT ubuntu DOT com


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