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About Me

I am living in Lyon, France, I have a master degree in B2B Marketing. I am 32 years old now, and run my own company in B2B Webmarketing. My major hobbies are music and Ubuntu Studio. And I use Ubuntu Studio to record music.

I am a founder and member of Ubuntu Studio team since it started, back in 2006. I am not skilled with application development, so my main concern is to do my best to get things working: bug reporting, applications testing, hardware testing, documentation, convincing developers, etc.

Contact Information


ttoine on, mainly in #ubuntustudio-devel




ttoine @




  • As one of the founder of Ubuntu Studio, I was the first to host a real time kernel for Ubuntu to allow low latency use of jackd.
  • I am the co-writer of and I still maintain it since. This is one of the core documentation for multimedia users.

  • I had a sponsorship for the UDS of november 2006 at Google headquarters.

Since 2007

  • I did all the hardware testing and reporting to fix the restricted alsa-firmware package for Ubuntu (eg: Echo and RME hdsp pci sound cards), and obtained a hosting in Medibuntu repositories.
  • I continue to test that audio hardware is working well (firewire, usb, pci, pci-e) using my personal hardware and my network to get hardware. It allows me to update documentation, both with "how to get things working", and helping users to choose their hardware.
  • I do presentations of Ubuntu and Ubuntu Studio in music shops, in french Ubuntu fairs, workshops, install parties, and Lyon University.
  • I use Ubuntu every day as my main OS since Hoary, and continue to report bug fixes when necessary. I am pleased to see that this is less and less often.

Future Goals

I would like to see Ubuntu become a real alternative to Windows and Mac osX for multimedia production. We have good Open Source applications at the moment: Ardour for audio, OpenShot for video, Blender for 3D. But this is not enough: RGB color management in Ubuntu is at its beginning. We still miss a native CMYK management for publishing (only Scribus is ready). Cups-pdf, Inkscape and Gimp can only be used for RGB graphics.

Imho, we need more available professional solutions like Harrison Mixbus (audio) or Corel (graphics). Lightworks (video) seems to be on the way. But this is not enough.

So I will continue to spend my free time for Ubuntu Studio. And dreaming to be paid to do that one day...


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