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[:RichardJohnson:Richard Johnson]



[:JoeyStanford:Joey Stanford]



[:NickAli:Nick Ali]



[:Brian King:Brian King]



[:EricLake:Eric Lake]



[:Dpic:Danny Piccirillo]



[:StephenStalcup:Steve Stalcup]



[:Pleia2:Elizabeth Bevilacqua:]



[:AaronToponce:Aaron Toponce]



[:ChristerEdwards:Christer Edwards]



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attachment:IconsPage/important.png [ Plan Of Action for Building Communities] - PLEASE stop by and look at this action plan, as it pertains to all of us.


The purpose of this page is to act as a resource for US based Local Community Teams. It will act as a central place to offer publications, resources, frequently asked questions and more.

Currently different states have had better success at getting up and running than other teams. This is most likely due to poor communication and lack of resources or know-how. We hope that with the cooperation of successful teams and struggling teams everyone can become stronger. A strong team in every US state is the goal of this project for 2007.

If you would like to help with this project and help mentor new teams please add your name and contact information to the /MentorList. If you need advice or help in creating a team in your area please see the resources below. Please be sure that a team does not already exist in your area. To see if an Ubuntu Local Community Team exists for you state, please look at the [:/TeamList:US Teams List].

How You Can Contribute

Anyone can contribute to this project. Most help is needed in closely mentoring upcoming teams. Other resources to contribute would be answering frequently asked questions, suggestions on recruitment and leadership attributes.

Current Project Goals

Current goals for this project are as follows:

  • Official Ubuntu LoCo teams in each state by 2008.

  • Improved communication between US based teams.
  • A "mentoring" program for improved and pain-free application process.

Upcoming Meetings

US Teams Project regular meetings will be held monthly with a different Mentor presiding on rotating evenings and weekdays, e.g. 8pm PST Tues, then 8PM MST Wed, then 8PM CST Thu and finally 8PM Tues again.

attachment:IconsPage/IconCalendarOpen.png Next US Teams Project meeting: greg-g presiding Wednesday January 9th @ 8pm PST, 9 pm MST, 10 pm CST & 11 pm EST in #ubuntu-us.

attachment:IconsPage/IconHelp2.png Looking for other Local Community Team meetings in the US? Check our [ calendar].

Team Naming Standards

For those interested in setting up resources for their team please refer to the following:

  • IRC: ubuntu-us-stateprefix (ie; ubuntu-us-ny, ubuntu-us-ut, etc) contact [:AaronToponce:Aaron Toponce] for your IRC needs

  • Launchpad: ubuntu-statename (ie; ubuntu-utah, ubuntu-newyork, etc)
  • Mailing List: ubuntu-us-stateprefix (ie; ubuntu-us-ut, ubuntu-us-ny, etc) contact [:ChristerEdwards:Christer Edwards] for your mailing list

  • Team Wiki: StateTeam (ie; UtahTeam, NewYorkTeam, etc)

  • Ubuntu Forums: (ie;,,etc) contact [:StephenStalcup:Steve Stalcup] for your forums needs Smile :)

US Teams Planet

The US Teams Project has a Planet, found at, which syndicates events, news and progress from approved US LoCo Teams sites. If your team would like to be added to this planet contact [:ChristerEdwards:Christer Edwards].


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