Meeting with Ubuntu desktop team for work on Unity 7.


  • About wizard, a plan for design
  • We have created a initial branch about new lockscreen theme: lp:~feng-kylin/unity/ExtendLockscreenTheme, and what is the appropriate way to extend lockscreen with those changes?

  • next meeting time.

Action Items from last meeting

  • None

Meeting Notes

  • Wizard
    • Trevinho suggests to do two designs.
      • First one is a simpler one, to show users the elements on the desktop, with no actual verification of what the user requests, by grabbing the whole screen and taking the user into a tour... like "This is the BFB, if you click here the dash opens.... then this is the Launcher... "
      • And the second one is a full wizard, which users can manipulate.
    • Trevinho will have sprint during Oct 12-16. If we have design done by then, he can ask designers' ACK when he meets them.
    • zhangchao proposed
      1. open dash
      2. open app on launcher
      3. open indicator
      4. show setting from indicator
  • Lockscreen
    • Trevinho suggests to implement their own shield by inheriting from LockscreenAbstractShield, some more refactoring may be needed.

  • Will work on launcher rotation next month, occupied by the lockscreen now.
  • Next meeting: Oct 22

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