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SIP Guidelines

All you should need to configure your SIP client to log in to our VOIP server is the following information:

  • Realm/Domain:
  • SIP server/Registrar: (you probably won't need to enter this as many SIP clients work it out automatically from the Realm/Domain)
  • Username: as given to you by #canonical-sysadmin

  • Password: as given to you by #canonical-sysadmin

Echo test

We offer a simple echo test service, which allows you to make a SIP call and be connected to yourself via a short delay - i.e. everything you say is played back to you. This is very useful for testing that your SIP client is working correctly and that you can reach our servers. The number for this is:

Test conference call

For UDS, we are also running a test conference call. This will connect you to a conference that is identical to the summit conference calls, but is purely used for testing your microphone level and quality. Dial and we will confirm your settings are fine.

After testing

Once you have performed the above tests you are ready to join one of the summit calls. Please see the main schedule for individual SIP numbers for the calls.

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