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Joining In


Use your IRC client (such as xchat, irssi or mIRC) to connect to the Freenode IRC network at You can do this manually by typing: {{{/server }}}

Then join #ubuntu-classroom for the time and date of the session you want to attend. You can manually join the channel by typing:

/join #ubuntu-classroom

You should also join #ubuntu-classroom-chat which is the general discussion channel for the session. Questions should be posted there. You should prefix your questions with QUESTION: to make them easier to spot.

Most sessions last for around an hour. Contact dholbach on IRC if you have any problems.

For instructions on how to use the various IRC clients, see [ XChatHowto], GaimHowto, and [ Irssi], respectively. General information about IRC is located at [:InternetRelayChat]. For Windows users just getting started finding out about Ubuntu, you can use XChat for Windows from or Gaim/Pidgin from (both free). For Ubuntu users of course these come from the repositories.