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 * Status: BrainDump, DistroSpecification, UduBof  * Status: BrainDump, DistroSpecification, UduBof, HighPriority




This specification describes our strategies to allow for the effective branding of Ubuntu and derivatives. Some branding can be attained without affecting packages, other branding initiatives will require derivatives to rebuild or even modify and rebuild packages. We will also refer to aspects of Rosetta that should affect distro branding.


  • Provide for branding or neutralization, as appropriate, of the following components:
    • Installer
      • Boot loader splash image
      • Boot loader text
      • Debconf templates
      • Package selection
    • Live CD
      • "Starting Ubuntu..."
    • Base
      • Archive keyring?
      • Debconf templates?
      • lsb-release? (hard)
    • Boot
      • USplash image
      • "Starting Ubuntu..."
    • Desktop
      • GDM theme
      • Splash graphic
      • Default wallpaper


  • Runtime branding, build-time branding and package-selection branding
    • Which approach is most suitable for each requirement?
    • Can we avoid build-time branding entirely? It causes big infrastructure problems
  • Branded CD builds
  • Debconf branding
  • Refactoring desktop branding
    • gconf schemas, etc. (<dist>-branding)

    • artwork (<dist>-artwork)



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