Future Conference Planning



This BOF aims to talk about what conferences we should have in the rest of 2005. We need to address how often the conferences should be held, what they should focus on, etc.



mdz would like to have a distro conference 3-4 weeks post release t okick off the next dev cycle, 1 week better than two

sprints would be good, people would appreciate more face to face time, only people actively working on something

baz - lifeless values conferences for the contact it brings. Good for relationship building

sabdfl - should split lp and distro, but overlap them. m-f, t-w

love days - user oriented, attached to dev summit

dev summit 6 days 2x/yr, lp and distro

lp sprints -

apr dev summit + 1 day love day

jul lp sprint 3 wks (brazil?, probably right after the July cut-over to Malone - 18 July for 3 weeks)

oct dev summit + 1 day love day (caracas, munich, toronto, argentina)

jan lp sprint

UbuntuNations - 1 once year

venue for dev summits - cheaper, more remote,

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