One of the greater difficulties that a user can have using a GNU/Linux system for the first time is the "mount-thing", and the way that filesystems are managed. There isn't any GUI to make it easier, so the aim of this project is to finish with this lack offering a GTK aplication that can help in the configuration of fstab and hotplugging system.

It is part of CommandLineDisintegration and can be related with GraphicalConfigTools


To make easier the Storage Devices configuration for new users.

Scope and Use Cases

  • Management of fstab file
    • Partition autodetection
    • Recommended/default configuration for new devices
    • Filesystem-dependent options
    • "Transparent" mounting
      • Automatized creation of mountpoint directory with the name that user wants to see in his/her desktop
      • auto/noauto, user and related options management
  • Hotpluging
    • udev rules management
      • device naming
        • Select name for a usb device to be easily recognised by the user
      • permission assignment
        • Specify group allowed to use a device

Implementation Plan

  • fstab scripts management
  • Autodetection of supported filesystems (/proc/filesystems) and partition status (/proc/partitions, fstab, mtab...)
  • PyGTK interface
  • udev scripts management
  • PyGTK interface completion

Data Preservation and Migration

  • Modified files backup

Packages Affected

  • It depends on:
    • libblkid
    • pygtk

User Interface Requirements

  • Access from System Configuration menu

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