Ubuntu specific packages

LiveCD templates

 * They have a shorter deadline and also are one of the first apps user gets in contact with.
 * A full review of the system will also include the install process
 * Many users just try the livecd so it's important to have the booloader translated

Ubuntu specific GUI packages

 * Most of those packages don't have upstream translations, or Ubuntu is the upstream project
 * We should list them before other packages to prevent downstream translations
 * They should be listed before Ubuntu CLI templates, since GUI apps have a higher
   probability to be used by non-english speakers

This list is customised to fit the Hebrew translation process only.

The Date signature doesn't mean the translation was finished at this date, only when it was reviewed.

Shared packages containing Ubuntu changes

 * Some text in those packages are Ubuntu specific so they can not be translated upstream.
   This is why we should list them before any other packages with upstream translations.

Templates with a high user visiblity

 * These apps have a high probability to be used by non-english speaking users


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