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  • To provde a first contact-point for conference delegates
  • To provide a valid resource of speakers
  • To provide a valid resource of installers
  • To provide a valid resource of technical support
  • To escalate with the customers to the next level of migration


The time when a New User returns from a conference is a time when what they have heard needs re-inforcing. It is a time when confidence begins to fade and the longer detatched from easily-accessible information, the further the New User steps from making thier migration. Involvement of the LiveCD, catering for users who have seen and read NewUserLiterature and extending the hand of the community are all paramount here. Also is re-inforcing that promise of avialability of sustainability.


  • Organised by country:
  • Speakers
  • Installers
  • Technical Support


As the research operation commences, findings will be posted here. Please add any services above. Your help is appreciated and welcomed.

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