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Feel free to add your ideas below and comment on other people's ideas...

Ubuntu Team Meetings

  • The team should have organised and regular meetings to keep us organised. I will talk to the IRC operators.

Ubuntu Working with Edubuntu

  • Surely we should team up with edubuntu, and do some marketing with them. If it is the target age-group marketing the product surely it will have more of an impact.

Ubuntu Teaming up with the marketing team

  • I thought we might be able to do a few joint topics with the ubuntu-marketing team. Opinions/comments on this?

Ubuntu Estimated Prices on Copies (mtc)

  • Researched some price estimates at a local copy shop.
  • 1000 sheets printed in black and white is $60.
  • Large volumes over 500 sheets get very big discounts.
  • Staples, for newsletters for example, are $0.02 each.
  • Posters could be printed on thick Card Stock which comes in many colors.
  • Card Stock paper is $0.20 a sheet. Card Stock is cheaper than color copies.
  • Paper or Card Stock can be cut in half or quarters at $1.70 a cut per 100 sheets.
  • Coordinate with local LUG or LoCo on sharing the expenses.

Ubuntu Team Project Leads (mtc)

  • We will need project leads for many team activities
  • Poster Project
  • Membership Recruitment Project
  • Team Newsletter

Ubuntu Magazines and Publications (mtc)

  • Print out Full Circle Magazine and leave it in your library. Be ready to replace copies, in case someone takes it. You may want to encourage people taking them, by writing "feel free to take this with you".

Ubuntu Setting an agenda (mtc)

  • What are our next steps?
  • What goals should the team attempt to accomplish over the next month?
  • Ideas about membership.. do we need more members? How do we encourage existing member participation?
  • Should we schedule a meeting. If so, when?

Ubuntu Resources Needed (mtc)

  • Need a mailing list or a forum. Someplace to host discussions.
  • Need a web site where we can host files (for example the poster project resources).

Ubuntu Gutsy-specific (mtc)

  • Let's get some posters and pamphlets that are specific for the Gutsy explaining all the great features. Compiz should attract everyone's attention!

Ubuntu Revolutionary OS poster (ppk)

  • Make a poster that sums up the ideology of the FSF
  • Make statements like "Ubuntu will help you free your computer from Big Media and large corporations"
  • Give the poster a propaganda-y feel
  • don't let picard_pwns_kirk do it

Ubuntu Rational Ideas Poster (Rhe)

  • List all the ways Ubuntu is better
  • Let them decide for themselves that it's better
  • mIRC to work via Wine works well, for example

Ubuntu Ubuntu "BEST" Campaign (mtc)

  • Simple message repeated stating Ubuntu is the BEST operating system.

Ubuntu "Room for You" Poster (mtc)

  • Top half of poster, text: "There's Room for You in the Free Software community..."
  • Middle of poster, picture: Table of Ubuntu developers working. Open seat and open laptop in foreground of picture.
  • Bottom of poster, text: "Join the team today!"

Ubuntu Business Cards (ppk)

Ubuntu IRL Marketing

  • Posters at Micro Center and Best Buy
  • What other computer clubs are in town?
  • Posters at local bookstores in the computer sections
  • The teen lounge at the city rec center (ppk)
  • Video game store or other computer stores at the mall (cactaur)
  • Internet Cafe - ask to install Linux on a machine or two (KI4IKL)
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • Grocery Store
  • YMCA / Rec Centers

Ubuntu Internet Marketing

  • Create an Ubuntu Students page on MySpace (ppk)

  • Create an Ubuntu Students page on Facebook
  • Check the Linux/UNIX chatroom on Yahoo (ppk)

Ubuntu School Newspaper

  • Write an article about your interest in Linux. Explain Free Software and GPL. Contrast Free Software to closed-sourced software.
  • Put in an Ubuntu Students advertisement.

Ubuntu IRC Miscellaneous (mtc)

  • Suggested channel topic: The #ubuntu-students channel... students encouraging high school students to get involved with Ubuntu Local Community teams. || http://launchpad.net/~ubuntu.students || This week's topic - building team participation... || Post discussion ideas on the team Whiteboard

Ubuntu Ubuntu LoCo Presentations

  • When you hear a teacher mention they are planning a discussion about software development or Linux, let your Ubuntu Local Community team know. They can contact the teacher and offer to do a presentation during class.

Ubuntu Video Games Subgroup

  • Start a gaming subgroup to promote Ubuntu games.

Ubuntu Participation in LoCo Teams (mtc)

  • How do we let computer enthusiasts know about the Ubuntu State LoCos and the Linux User Groups in their area? (mtc)

Ubuntu Student use of Ubuntu (mtc)

  • How do we let students know about Ubuntu? Are there good ways of distributing Ubuntu disks? (mtc)

Ubuntu Presentations to other students/leaflets promoting ubuntu to students (pb)

  • Use the ubuntu-marketing material. They have posters and giveaway cards.
  • Created "Poster Project" with this team as the driver of the project. This will provide a shared space for document resources, revisions, and team grouping.
  • Keep an eye on the Ubuntu Marketing resources at http://doc.ubuntu.com/~marketing/

  • Can order some very nice posters with a bit of fund-raising or a donation from a parent.

Ubuntu Make a list of packages that could be useful for students of all ages.


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