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Under Construction



  • Add vocabulary list (words like upstream, SRU, etc)
  • public relations - list of places to make announcements, hashtags
  • Ubuntu membership and benefits -

  • Generate gnupg key - needed for things like a launchpad account (good info on

  • Create page(s) about the relationship between Debian / Ubuntu / Ubuntu Studio packages. With hints on what to do, and when to do it when wanting to change a package.

use, standard announcement verbiage, and links to various resources like banners/other graphics

The purpose of Ubuntu Studio:


Provide a desktop base suitable for multimedia production work


Provide system performance needed for multimedia applications


Include relevant and up to date applications that cover all multimedia workflows


Provide documentation for users that covers every aspect of linux multimedia


Provide various tools (application/documentation) to make system management easy for non-hackers


Report/adress bugs/issues/ideas upstream to Ubuntu -> Debian -> Software Developers to improve applications and packages

Ubuntu Studio Development Schedule

UbuntuDevelopment/ReleaseProcess - The Ubuntu Release Process

Setup Developer Environment


Ubuntu Studio Developer Tasks

  • Create Blueprints for each new release, which contain work items that can be assigned to a developer.

  • Testing and bug management

  • Maintain documentation

  • Update the web site.
  • Keep the list of default Ubuntu Studio applications up to date, and relevant - Seed Management

  • Design application categories and documentation to follow a workflow based format, so that users who want to do a specific task are easily led to relevant applications.

  • Test and tweak the system to find out how performance can be improved for various workflows.
  • Look at revamping ubuntustudio-controls to let the user more easily manage the system, without having to edit files manually, or using the terminal to pass commands (realtime privilege, adjusting rtirq - restarting, etc..)
  • Investigate the possibility of creating an application that helps the user more easily find tools for workflow specific tasks. Possibly a custom panel.

Information Channels

These are all the channels and methods used for communication within the Ubuntu Studio development community.

IRC at

  • #ubuntustudio-devel
  • #ubuntustudio (user channel)

IRC chatting is the quickest and most common communication method used in Ubuntu Studio development.

* IRC HowTo - for those not familiar with IRC

Mail lists

Team Structure

By keeping a clear team structure it is easy to keep track of who is doing what, and whom to ask about specific topics.

Developer Reference

UbuntuStudio at Launchpad



Documentation Resources

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