The TV team has come around to start brainstorming on the next step in computing, or as Mark Shuttleworth said "Smart Screens". We shall have two areas to focus on. Those are hardware and software. We need to figure out on what kind of hardware we will be running our part of the Unity experience on, as well how it should look and behave.


IRC is a great way for for a global team, like the TV Team, to communicate. In our channel we take care of team business or just get to know each other better. Please read IRC/Guidelines for channel guidelines.

If you do not have an IRC Client or are brand new to IRC you can quickly and easily sign on to our team channel here.


We use launchpad for our team organisation, which included a list of our members and the discussion mailing-list. The team is open for everyone to join and can be found on launchpad.net/~ubuntu-tv. On there you can subscribe to the mailing-list.

For Team Members


The date of the next scheduled full team meeting and a record of previous meetings can be found on the Meetings page.

Topics for the next team meeting can also be found on the Meetings Page. Feel free to add topics for discussion.


We are starting to assemble a list of Designs adapting the Unity experience for the media centre environment. Please join in!

Current Happenings

  • Gathering Use Cases for feature planning and development.


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