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## In this section we want to highlight the blogs that are exceptionally well-written and in-depth.
## Blogs tend to make it easy for low-quality content, so be extra careful on what goes here.
## We should encourage bloggers to spread the word, so this section might be a good way to do so.
 * Dell will ship XPS 13 Developer Edition "Project Sputnik" Linux laptops with Skylake chips -
 * Canonical Releases Groundbreaking Snapcraft 2.1 Ubuntu Snappy Creator Tool -
 * Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Will Ship An Older Version Of Nautilus -
 * Ubuntu Linux in the Wild: How a French University Uses Unity -
 * Ubuntu 6.06 To Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Performance Benchmarks: 10 Years Of Linux Performance -
 * Canonical To Demo One``Plus & Sony Devices Running Ubuntu -
 * Gets a New Look for the Tablet Section, Rest of Website to Follow -



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