Lessons Learned

Every project should have a lessons learned section. This is the template for the lessons learned from the Unified Branding Project.

*** This is a work in progress ***

General Comments

Project submittal in an open source environment is challenging. Everything is bid, acceptance is voluntary. In the truest sense of Darwinism projects live and die by the activity of their members, acceptance by the community, or the lack thereof. Submittal is the first step and the assumption can not be made there will be a step two.

Project Submittal

The project was submitted to the Marketing Team on July 27, 2006 for consideration. A deadline of August 1st was given for a go or no go decision.


A. Ubuntu Linux, Kubuntu, and Xubuntu Marketing Inequalities

Lesson A.1

< To Be Determined >

Lesson A.2

< To Be Determined >

B. Issue

< To Be Determined >

Lesson B.1

< To Be Determined >

Lesson B.2

< To Be Determined >


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