Switching to Ubuntu & Installation

Below are the topics that I am going to cover:

1. Difference between windows and Linux (Ubuntu)

2. Why Windows?

3. Why Ubuntu?

4. Who need Ubuntu and who need Windows

5. Different version of Ubuntu and Linux

6. Using Ubuntu live media

7. Ubuntu Installation

8. FAQ

Session Logs

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   2 [13:01] <Pendulum> Our first instructor today is Guru Nagendra Prasad. Nagendra has been using Linux & GNU packages since 97. He is pursuing bachelors degree in computers.
   3 [13:01] <Pendulum> His first introduction to Linux was RedHat. He received 2 CD's of RedHat Linux from my friend in 97 and tried to install it on his system. However he crashed his HDD at that time.
   4 [13:02] <Pendulum> He has since learned how to install Linux on a system. In the year 2000 he started to teach Linux in an institute.
   5 [13:02] <Pendulum> However at that point in time he didn't know about how to install audio/video drivers (Due to no Internet connection). So, he screwed up few systems.
   6 [13:02] <Pendulum> In the year 2005 Nagendra joined Google and worked 3 years as a data analyst. After leaving Google in 2008 he have started working on his own project.
   7 [13:02] <Pendulum> In the year 2008 he also developed a distro called Gubuntu, based on Linux Mint. It was a multimedia based OS, with all audio and video tools in it and bunch of few other stuff.
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  10 [13:05] <nagendra> hi please let me know when should I start ?
  11 [13:05] <pleia2> now :)
  12 [13:05] <cjohnston> Now
  13 [13:05] <nagendra> ok
  14 [13:06] <nagendra> so my first topic is : Difference between windows and Linux (Ubuntu)
  15 [13:07] <nagendra> their are few things to remember with you switch from windows to ubuntu that windows only supports FAT and NTFS file system however Ubuntu supports many file systems
  16 [13:10] <nagendra> while installing windows you will have to specify only one drive usually C-Drive however while installing ubuntu you will have to specify 2 different drive one for the ROOT (/) and another for the SWAP area
  17 [13:11] <nagendra> ubuntu uses a sperate drive for swaping files however the same thing in windows called the paging file
  18 [13:12] <pleia2> < doxdrum> Question - Is it better to have only / and swap than also the extra home partition?
  19 [13:13] <nagendra> is depends on you if you want to use another drive partation called home
  20 [13:14] <nagendra> apart from root (/) and swap every other partation will work just like your other dirves like d,e,f and so on
  21 [13:14] <pleia2> < zhukaster> Question: is it necessary to have swap at least 2x larger than RAM amount?
  22 [13:15] <nagendra> giving my experience it dosen't matters if your physcial RAM is larger then 1 GB
  23 [13:15] <nagendra> however it is recommended
  24 [13:16] <pleia2> < ehlim> Question is that posible to change filesystem witout reinstall ubuntu, said like from ext 3 to ext 4
  25 [13:16] <nagendra> as far as I know its not possible
  26 [13:18] <nagendra> people always get scared when they see linux or ubuntu on a system but its just their state of mind :)
  27 [13:19] <nagendra> any other question about- Difference between windows and Linux (Ubuntu)?
  28 [13:21] <nagendra> so my next topic is -why Windows?
  29 [13:21] <nagendra> this is a question we have to ask ourselves
  30 [13:23] <nagendra> see if you are a basic user of computer like net surfing, chatting, listening to music and few office stuff why do you want to waste your money on windows when you can do the same tasks on any version of ubuntu
  31 [13:24] <nagendra> so their might be the next question that may come to your mind is why Ubuntu ?
  32 [13:26] <nagendra> Ubuntu is very easy to use, install, update, troubleshoot and you will get the community help as well for your issues how about that :)
  33 [13:26] <nagendra> any questions guys ??
  34 [13:28] <pleia2> < jazz__> Question what do they mean "free as in beer?"
  35 [13:29] <nagendra> so my next topic is - Who need Ubuntu and who need Windows?
  36 [13:32] <nagendra> I don't know about others but in india ppl teach some programing languages based on windows like VB, VC++ and so on so for those they might be needing windows but for others like in small bussiness holders, shop keepers who wants to maintain their daily sales and purchase accounts they can switch to ubuntu as its free :)
  37 [13:33] <nagendra> their are so many different versions of Linux starting from Redhat, fedora, suse, ubuntu etc
  38 [13:33] <nagendra> its on you which version or distor you want to use
  39 [13:34] <nagendra> however giving my experience Ubuntu is the best one when it comes to linux :)
  40 [13:35] <nagendra> also ubuntu supports a large numbers of hardware devices
  41 [13:36] <nagendra> if you want to make sure if your computer hardware will work on ubuntu use a live media of Ubuntu and you will get an idea about it
  42 [13:37] <pleia2> < Jedemco> Question What is live media and why is it called live media?
  43 [13:38] <nagendra> live media is nothing but a complete Ubuntu OS which will be run on your system without installing on your HDD
  44 [13:39] <nagendra> its like this you have a viedo DVD with you and when you insert the DVD in your DVD drive you can watch the movie  directly from DVD but only if you like you copy the DVD on your system
  45 [13:40] <nagendra> so the same thing applies here the live media gives you a chance to see how the OS is working on your system and if everything is OK then you can install it on your HDD
  46 [13:41] <nagendra> any questions guys ?
  47 [13:43] <nagendra> here are the few links which you might want to read about ubuntu installation :http://news.softpedia.com/news/Installing-Ubuntu-9-10-126370.shtml
  48 [13:43] <nagendra> http://ubuntuguide.net/a-step-by-step-guide-for-ubuntu-910karmic-complete-installation
  49 [13:44] <pleia2> < Jedemco> Question How long does it take to install Ubuntu?
  50 [13:44] <nagendra> Max -30 Min
  51 [13:44] <nagendra> again it depends on your system
  52 [13:45] <pleia2> < Jedemco> Question How much room does the operating system take up on the HDD?
  53 [13:46] <nagendra> basically you will have to specify 5 GB of free space for root and 1 GB for swap
  54 [13:48] <nagendra> if you have any question about how to install Ubuntu with dual boot please ask :)
  55 [13:48] <pleia2> < LuizAquino> Question What type of filesystem to choose on install?
  56 [13:49] <nagendra> you can choose ext3 or ext4
  57 [13:49] <pleia2> < Jedemco> Question Can dual boot be done so that Ubuntu not the first choice
  58 [13:50] <nagendra> yes you can when you install ubuntu it will ask you to change the boot loader of you want
  59 [13:51] <nagendra> their you can change the OS order :)
  60 [13:51] <pleia2> < lannocc> Question better to install Windows or Ubuntu first?
  61 [13:51] <nagendra> better to install windows first then install Ubuntu
  62 [13:52] <pleia2> < userday20> Question, if i have winxp and an another linux distro. will i have to delete the partion of other linux distro, and then start installing ubunut or should i directly start installing ubuntu and i'll have the option to delete the other linux distro during installation
  63 [13:52] <nagendra> any more question guys I just have 10 min left :)
  64 [13:52] <nagendra> yes you will get an option to delete the existing linux partation
  65 [13:53] <pleia2> < lannocc> Question (followup) but doesn't Windows try to use up all available disk space?
  66 [13:54] <nagendra> no if you have already installed windows then in the installation Ubuntu will give you the option to use the free space of windows
  67 [13:54] <nagendra> in this case your windows will be safe as well
  68 [13:54] <pleia2> < LuizAquino> Question Is it save to change the size of a partition with Windows on installation?
  69 [13:55] <pleia2> 5 minute warning :)
  70 [13:55] <nagendra> yes you can and your windows will be safe
  71 [13:57] <nagendra> thank you all for taking part in Ubuntu user day. I wish a very good luck to you all and if you have any other questions please feel free to join the Ubuntu community
  72 [13:58] <nagendra> I still have 3 min left I can take 1 more question
  73 [13:59] <cjohnston> Thank you nagendra!
  74 [13:59] <nagendra> you are welcome :)
  75 [13:59] <_marx_> thanks nagendra

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