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   1 [17:01] <Pendulum> next is doctormo with Getting Involved in the Ubuntu Community
   2 [17:01] <doctormo> Hello everyone
   3 [17:02] <Pendulum> Martin Owens is an unemployed Free Software programmer specialising in design and art. He has been applying skills to the creation of educational materials, marketing materials and artworks for Ubuntu and is involved in Ubunchu and other media production projects as well as programming Ground Control and helping fix code in various places. He leads the ubuntu-us-ma loco team, writes a political blog and makes use of the tv a lot.
   4 [17:02] <doctormo> Thanks Pendulum
   5 [17:02] <doctormo> OK so we're going to be talking about the Ubuntu Community, what it is and how to get involved.
   6 [17:03] <doctormo> The first thing to know about the community is that it's big, very big, you won't believe how mind bogglingly big it is.
   7 [17:04] <doctormo> You might think it's far to the chemist, but that's just peanuts to the Ubuntu Community.... and so on.
   8 [17:05] <doctormo> the second thing is that while the community might ve roughly split by communication channel, it generally agrees to the same set of codes of conduct and orbits the launchpad system.
   9 [17:06] <doctormo>
  10 [17:06] <doctormo>
  11 [17:07] <doctormo> Each community member starts off with making a launchpad account and then following the steps to agree to the code of conduct.
  12 [17:07] <doctormo> This just makes sure each member is polite, agreeable, forgiving and human with others in the community.
  13 [17:07] <doctormo> QUESTION: Who is Canonical
  14 [17:09] <doctormo> Canonical is a company which was started at the same time as the Ubuntu project, it has a symbiotic relationship in that Canonical does not run all that is Ubuntu and at the same time Ubuntu doesn't run Canonical. The best way to consider them is a large member of community.
  15 [17:09] <doctormo> And that's a note to take away, companies can join the community just as easily as people.
  16 [17:10] <doctormo> So once you've got your Launchpad account
  17 [17:10] <doctormo> And declared yourself a nice human being.
  18 [17:10] <doctormo> It's time to decide what it is in the Ubuntu community you'd like to get up to
  19 [17:11] <doctormo> There are many thing, the traditional activities have either been development where you would join mailing lists and irc channels, or support were you would join irc channels and forums.
  20 [17:12] <doctormo>
  21 [17:13] <doctormo> But these aren't the only communities any more, we have everything from art communities to the Ubuntu Women
  22 [17:14] <doctormo> And all are places to hang out, help others and learn interesting things.
  23 [17:15] <doctormo> So once you've got yourself involved in a few communities (and we'll go over some more in a few) how do you keep up with news and events?
  24 [17:15] <doctormo> You can keep up with the internal news of the ubuntu members by subscribing to Planet Ubuntu
  25 [17:16] <doctormo> Alternatively you can read the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter which is a little more filtered and broken down for interest.
  26 [17:17] <doctormo> There is also sites for tips and tricks such as omg ubuntu: run by this fellow British d0od.
  27 [17:19] <doctormo> You can also subscribe to mailing lists to simply lurk and read what's happening on a  specific topic.
  28 [17:19] <doctormo> As well as subscribing to a few of the announcement mailing lists.
  29 [17:20] <doctormo> The Ubuntu community doesn't stop at your computer though, it also extends into your local physical community.
  30 [17:21] <doctormo> We all need word of mouth to spread the message that there is some awesome software out here which is Free and easy to use.
  31 [17:21] <doctormo> For that we turn to Local Community teams, sometimes called LoCos
  32 [17:21] <doctormo>
  33 [17:22] <doctormo> I'm a member and leader of the Ubuntu Massachusetts Local Community
  34 [17:23] <doctormo> And we get up to all sorts of fun things, everything from quiet and impromptu Ubuntu Hours which are quick meetings at coffee shops, to large organised advocacy at events like Anime Boston.
  35 [17:23] <doctormo> The local community is where you can really get to know fellow Ubuntu users and programmers in person, as well as let your hair down and have some fun.
  36 [17:25] <doctormo> you don't have to be an Ubuntu member or a programmer to be in a LoCo team and you don't need permission to start one.
  37 [17:25] <doctormo> The idea of a Local Community is three fold a) to gather together people interested int he same thing, b) To educate and support others and do advocacy and be vocal about the issues and c) To have fun.
  38 [17:26] <doctormo> A responsible local community is not doing it's job right if there are tons of great advocacy but everyone is being worked like a dog. You need to have fun in all that you do and let others have fun too.
  39 [17:28] <doctormo> Find your local team and keep in touch with them, you never know when you can join in a cool activity.
  40 [17:30] <doctormo> A part of the Ubuntu community as you all probably know already is the Ubuntu Classrooms, in fact *ahem* these very rooms. There are classes running in these rooms all the time, sometimes there are organised weeks like this one, or next week's Developer Week, but sometimes there are classes which are more singular for a specific topic.
  41 [17:31] <doctormo> Ubuntu Membership and Leadership
  42 [17:33] <doctormo> Leadership is a place in the community that you can get to once you've found a project or community of people who need direction and help, it's a position of responsibility and commitment and leaders of everything from local community teams to forums are expected to sign the leadership code of conduct.
  43 [17:33] <doctormo>
  44 [17:34] <doctormo> Leaders must be polite like members, but more so. More forgiving, more human and because they are accountable, transparent in all that they do.
  45 [17:35] <doctormo> Membership
  46 [17:35] <doctormo> It is a status that is given to members who are shown to have given sustained and significant contribution to the community.
  47 [17:36] <doctormo> In exchange for their dedication they're allowed to have a place on planet ubuntu, an ubuntu email address and even ubuntu business cards.
  48 [17:38] <doctormo> The process of becoming an Ubuntu member is normally easy enough, you would add your name to the meeting agenda for the relevant council, create a profile on the wiki which explains what you've done and with who and then at the meeting you present your case. Council Board members then vote on your membership.
  49 [17:39] <doctormo>
  50 [17:40] <doctormo> OK I will take questions now.
  51 [17:40] <ClassBot> eviltux asked: Is made by the Ubuntu community?
  52 === Don is now known as Guest84174
  53 [17:42] <doctormo> Launchpad was originally developed by Canonical Ltd for the purpose of supporting the development of Ubuntu and related projects.
  54 [17:43] <doctormo> But now is Free and Open Source software under the AGPLv3 license.
  55 [17:43] <ClassBot> IdleOne asked: Do I have to be a programmer to be a part of a LoCo? How can I help spread Ubuntu?
  56 [17:43] <doctormo> You don't have to be a programmer to be a part of any community in ubuntu, even programming projects are healthier with non-programmers being involved.
  57 [17:44] <ClassBot> jledbetter asked: Only members can have cards?
  58 [17:45] <doctormo> Only Ubuntu Members can have ubuntu branded business cards, your card may say that you do ubuntu work or services, but it can't be titled and made to look like it's an affiliate of ubuntu without membership.
  59 [17:45] <ClassBot> eviltux asked: what do we need to do to apply for an Ubuntu Membership?
  60 [17:45] <doctormo> Go to this wiki page: make sure you read and understand what's involved and what'
  61 [17:45] <doctormo> s asked of you
  62 [17:46] <doctormo> Then follow the instructions I gave above.
  63 [17:47] <doctormo> OK everyone, if that's all the questions we've got
  64 [17:47] <doctormo> I'll start showing off some community work
  65 [17:48] <doctormo> This is a collaboration between me in my role as ubuntu artist and Maco as member of Ubuntu Women.
  66 [17:49] <doctormo> This is a photo of us at Anime Boston showing off Ubuntu on a large TV screen and handing out lots of goodies.
  67 [17:50] <ClassBot> There are are 10 minutes remaining in the current session.
  68 [17:51] <doctormo> This is a collaboration between Ubuntu-JP loco team and the translation teams in Ubuntu.
  69 [17:52] <doctormo> <- this is me
  70 [17:55] <ClassBot> There are are 5 minutes remaining in the current session.
  71 [17:56] <doctormo> For the last 5 mins you are required to down as many pan galactic gargle blasters as you possibly can, I hear they're like being hit with a gold brick wrapped around a slice of lemon.
  72 [17:57] <doctormo> OK now that we're all drunk, Ta-ra luvs! See ya all next time!
  73 [18:00] <Pendulum> thanks doctormo!

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