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   1 [13:00] <cjohnston> Shrinivasan, is a open source lover, who lives in Chennai, India. He talks about open source philosophies in local colleges and schools.  Currently he is giving technical support to subversion and TeamForge at CollabNet. He runs a weekly newsletter "FossNews" and a blog for Foss Jobs.
   2 [13:01] <shrini> hello friends
   3 [13:01] <shrini> good to to see you all here
   4 [13:02] <shrini> "Ubuntu One" is a fantastic feature that comes with ubuntu for free
   5 [13:02] <shrini> to make your files and folders follow you whereever you go
   6 [13:02] <shrini> It started with ubuntu 9.10
   7 [13:02] <shrini> can be installed in ubuntu 9.04 too
   8 [13:03] <shrini> ubuntu 10.04 makes it much better with added features
   9 [13:03] <ClassBot> Gryllida asked: why is it called 'Ubuntu One'? Is it open source as well?
  10 [13:03] <shrini> it is not open source still.
  11 [13:04] <shrini> it is a personal cloud to store our files in the canonical's server
  12 [13:04] <shrini> it is free only
  13 [13:04] <shrini> not open
  14 [13:04] <shrini> it is like the "DropBox" service
  15 [13:04] <shrini> clients are open
  16 [13:05] <shrini> and you can develop you own clients too. :-)
  17 [13:05] <shrini> It has the following features
  18 [13:05] <shrini> 1. storing your files and folders
  19 [13:05] <shrini> 2. publish them online to easy access
  20 [13:05] <shrini> 3. store and sync contacts
  21 [13:06] <shrini> 4. store and sync Notes
  22 [13:06] <shrini> 5. sync book marks
  23 [13:06] <shrini> 6. Sync contact from mobile
  24 [13:07] <shrini> 7. Buy Music from stores
  25 [13:07] <ClassBot> abhi_nav asked: how much secure is storing our sensible files on ubuntu one? can we encrypt it?
  26 [13:07] <shrini> storing files online is just like storing your emails and attachments with gmail. :-)
  27 [13:09] <shrini> ubuntu one uses ssl encryption for the file transfers. so it is secured one.
  28 [13:09] <shrini> is the homepage
  29 [13:09] <shrini> Canonical gives 2GB of free space to every ubuntu user in the world
  30 [13:09] <shrini> If you need more space, you can buy it for 10$/minth
  31 [13:09] <shrini> 10$/month
  32 [13:10] <ClassBot> dnielsen asked: Is Phone sync support expected be expanded to the N900 (Maemo) or MeeGo any time in the future
  33 [13:12] <shrini> yes
  34 [13:12] <shrini> They are adding more phones and models
  35 [13:12] <shrini> check them here.
  36 [13:12] <shrini> Let us look at Installation
  37 [13:12] <shrini> If you use ubuntu 10.04, it is already there. :-)
  38 [13:12] <shrini> Look at the top right "Me Menu"
  39 [13:12] <shrini> where you give about your status and details
  40 [13:13] <shrini> Click on the "Ubuntu One" item
  41 [13:13] <shrini> Thats all.
  42 [13:13] <shrini> Firefox opens a page asking for you to create account or login
  43 [13:13] <shrini> If you have a Launchpad account, use the same login
  44 [13:13] <shrini> it is SSO enabled
  45 [13:14] <shrini> If you dont have an account, you can create now
  46 [13:14] <shrini> After login, you have to add your computer to the cloud.
  47 [13:15] <shrini> It will show the "hostname" of your computer.
  48 [13:15] <shrini> Click "Subscribe and Add this computer"
  49 [13:15] <shrini> Viola!
  50 [13:15] <shrini> You are added to the "Ubuntu One" Cloud
  51 [13:15] <shrini> You will see the "Ubuntu One Preference" Window
  52 [13:16] <shrini> click "connect" button
  53 [13:16] <shrini> Thats all
  54 [13:16] <shrini> you can get much information on
  55 [13:22] <ClassBot> dnielsen asked: Is there a plan to offer a calendar and todo list syncing as well. It would be really useful especially for platforms like phones (thinking specifically of MeeGo here but android is also a candidate)
  56 [13:22] <shrini> for now, there is no plan for calendar and todo list
  57 [13:22] <shrini> we can add it later
  58 [13:22] <shrini> The apis provide facilities to create our own application
  59 [13:23] <shrini> to sync with ubuntu one.
  60 [13:23] <shrini> you can get the development details in #ubuntuone
  61 [13:24] <ClassBot> Gryllida asked: what is the location of ubuntu1 servers? how many are there?
  62 [13:24] <shrini> The files are stored in amazon S3 servers in USA
  63 [13:25] <shrini> Not did research on how many servers are there
  64 [13:26] <ClassBot> Marceau asked: So what is the advantage of Ubuntu one over Gmail or Google docs?
  65 [13:26] <shrini> You can not sync files with the size of 50MB in gmail
  66 [13:27] <shrini> here, you can sync any files
  67 [13:27] <shrini> your contacts, notes, bookmarks, music
  68 [13:27] <shrini> The new feature is
  69 [13:27] <shrini> you can sync any folder in your home
  70 [13:28] <shrini> right click it, "Synchronize with ubuntu one"
  71 [13:28] <shrini> this will sync all the content of the folder
  72 [13:28] <shrini> to the cloud
  73 [13:28] <shrini> Inside that folder, right click on any file
  74 [13:29] <shrini> "Publish via ubuntu one"
  75 [13:31] <shrini> it will sync the file and
  76 [13:31] <shrini> give you a url
  77 [13:31] <shrini> you can share the url with your friends to get that files quickly
  78 [13:31] <ClassBot> dnielsen asked: Currently all my U1MS downloads in Banshee are stalled in "Transferring to Ubuntu One storage". So far your service isn't really that impressive, what improvements can we expect in the 10.10 timeframe
  79 [13:35] <shrini> There may be a network issue
  80 [13:35] <shrini> a lot of new features are getting added there
  81 [13:36] <shrini> keep watching
  82 [13:36] <shrini> for new announces
  83 [13:36] <shrini> You can sync your evolution contacts
  84 [13:36] <shrini>
  85 [13:37] <shrini> you can have ubuntu one address book and make it to sync with the cloud
  86 [13:37] <shrini> you can sync the Tomboy notes
  87 [13:38] <shrini>
  88 [13:39] <shrini> The Firefox bookmarks are sync'ed
  89 [13:39] <shrini> so that you can have the bookmarks with you always
  90 [13:39] <shrini> The new feature today is Music Store
  91 [13:40] <shrini> you can buy music from 5 regional stores
  92 [13:41] <shrini> The good news is there is no limit of 2GB if you buy music
  93 [13:41] <shrini> your music will follow you as you move around computers
  94 [13:42] <ClassBot> Gryllida asked: $10 / months of what additional storage?
  95 [13:42] <shrini> you can get 50GB
  96 [13:42] <shrini>
  97 [13:42] <shrini> this page explains the plans
  98 [13:43] <shrini> There is a web interface too
  99 [13:43] <shrini> where you can create, edit, delete the files, folders, notes, bookmarks, etc
 100 [13:43] <shrini> you can share any object with your friends
 101 [13:44] <shrini> you can right click a folder, "Share on ubuntu one"
 102 [13:44] <shrini> give the contact details
 103 [13:44] <shrini> he will get a notification email with the link
 104 [13:44] <shrini> he can see those files in his shared folder
 105 [13:44] <ClassBot> Gryllida asked: s/months/month/
 106 [13:44] <shrini> it is 10$/month
 107 [13:45] <shrini> you can do all the things with the web interface also
 108 [13:45] <shrini> syncing with phones is the very new feature
 109 [13:46] <shrini>
 110 [13:46] <shrini> select the phone and model
 111 [13:46] <shrini> you will get the settings, username and password
 112 [13:46] <shrini> enter those details in your phone and
 113 [13:46] <shrini> sync your contacts in the cloud
 114 [13:47] <shrini> there are more interesting developments are going
 115 [13:47] <shrini> as clients for other distro/ OS
 116 [13:47] <shrini> screen sharing
 117 [13:50] <ClassBot> There are are 10 minutes remaining in the current session.
 118 [13:53] <ClassBot> abhi_nav asked: hey i want to clear that I dont asked if transmission is encryted. I want to know that if the files stores in the server are encryted or not?
 119 [13:54] <shrini> the files are not encrypted in server
 120 [13:54] <shrini> because, you can share the files and folders with your friends
 121 [13:54] <shrini> they can access it even via a URL
 122 [13:55] <shrini> The development team is so energetic and
 123 [13:55] <shrini> have a good roadmap
 124 [13:55] <shrini> you can talk to them in #ubuntuone
 125 [13:55] <shrini> they support they give is awesome
 126 [13:55] <ClassBot> There are are 5 minutes remaining in the current session.
 127 [13:55] <shrini> as still there are
 128 [13:55] <shrini> Forum –
 129 [13:55] <shrini> FAQ –
 130 [13:56] <shrini> LP answers –
 131 [13:56] <shrini> LP project page –
 132 [13:56] <shrini> You are welcome to report bugs here.
 133 [13:56] <shrini> Bugs –
 134 [13:56] <ClassBot> Gryllida asked: does Ubuntu One mean shell access to some server, or only file sync service?
 135 [13:56] <shrini> no shell access
 136 [13:56] <shrini> only file sync
 137 [13:57] <shrini> Use ubuntuone
 138 [13:57] <shrini> make sure that your files are following you and your friends
 139 [13:57] <shrini> Ofcourse, sharing is caring
 140 [13:57] <shrini> Any questions?
 141 [13:58] <ClassBot> abhi_nav asked: forgive me, but what is ubuntu one? I mean how it is different from storing my files in google docs or in any email?
 142 [13:58] <shrini> it is a file sync service
 143 [13:58] <shrini> you can sync files online
 144 [13:58] <shrini> and access from anywhere
 145 [13:58] <shrini> you can share with friens
 146 [13:58] <shrini> learn more at
 147 [13:59] <ClassBot> dnielsen asked: beam.smp which appears to be part of the couchdb stuff tends to occasionally run amok and use an awful lot of CPU. Is there a wiki page with U1 debugging hints to make bugreports more useful
 148 [14:00] <shrini> you can talk about this in #ubuntuone
 149 [14:00] <shrini> people will help you to give you better service

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