Log from Ubuntu Community Council Meeting - Feb 13, 2007 8:00 am VET

<effie_jayx> Me

<Seveas> Rolando Blanco?

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<effie_jayx> here is here

<rolando-ve> Hi

<sabdfl> Seveas: i think this choice was the simplest, feel free to talk with kiko and salgado about other ideas

<sabdfl> less spammy ones

* dindatx es ahora conocido como dinda

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4<Seveas> hi rolando-ve and effie_jayx

<mako> ok

<effie_jayx> hi all

<rolando-ve> Hi Seveas! hi all

<effie_jayx> Seveas, hi Big Grin :)

<Seveas> do you have an english wikipage/websote about ubuntu-ve?

<Seveas> I'm afraidI don't speak spanish

<effie_jayx> Seveas, our proposal is in english

<Seveas> (and please ignore my bad spelling, I'm feeling a bit ill)

4<Seveas> effie_jayx, where is it? The CC agenda links to a spanish page

<effie_jayx> Seveas,

<effie_jayx> sorry about that

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<elkbuntu> C3s4r, is also a member of ubuntu-ve. hola C3s4r Smile :)

4<Seveas> effie_jayx, how's the collaboration with other locoteams going?

<effie_jayx> Seveas, well ... it has been interesting

<C3s4r> hi elkbuntu Big Grin :)

<effie_jayx> this past few months we have helped them get stablished... but

<effie_jayx> they are also workigin in gathering more people to use the services...

4<sabdfl> rolando-ve, effie_jayx: have things settled down with quidam now?

sabdfl Sanne Sapote Seeker` Seveas sfllaw ShankarGanesh shawarma sid simira siretart sivang sky_walkie sladen slomo smurf stgraber stranger synacktion

<sabdfl> i had mail fromhimrecently asking if the changes had been made

<sabdfl> they had, but he couldn't see that on the relevant lp page

<effie_jayx> sabdfl, we have.. and we are working on the three admins to give direction to the team

<mako> that's all good to hear

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Sanne Sapote Seeker` Seveas ShankarGanesh ShankarGanesh_

<effie_jayx> Seveas, in teams like ubuntu-do ... the main problem is they have power failiures

<effie_jayx> very frequntly... they don't stay online for long

<sabdfl> i'm glad those issues straightened out so nicely, well done

* mako nods to sabdfl enthusiastically

<effie_jayx> sabdfl, quidam is a great friend of a friend of mine.. so no harm there

<mako> the ve team looks large and active from what i can see, you should be proud Smile :)

<effie_jayx> sabdfl, here is really keen to see team he started go somewhere...

<effie_jayx> mako, it has been the collective spirit of various LUGs in my country

<Seveas> mako, indeed, the -ve team has been a good example to other latin american teams

<mako> awesome Smile :)

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* elkbuntu agrees with Seveas.

<effie_jayx> the key has been to be open to freedom and brotherhood

<sabdfl> ok, i'm quite happy with the state of this loco team

<sabdfl> they've handled one change of leadership well, which is a good sign

<effie_jayx> something rolando has always tried to put in everything

<sabdfl> and are organised with a clear plan

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<sabdfl> so, +1 from me

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<elmo> +1

<mako> +1 form me as well

4<Seveas> Wel done rolando-ve, effie_jayx, C3s4r and others!

<elkbuntu> congrats venezuela Smile :)

<Seveas> Congratulations!

<effie_jayx> Big Grin :)

<rolando-ve> Big Grin :)

* effie_jayx high five's rolando-ve

<jatem> Big Grin :)

<Seveas> sabdfl now has the stage for an extra item on the agenda

<Sapote> Big Grin :)

<amach1> congrats from Tamil Team also

<effie_jayx> Thanks cc for the trust you put in the team

<sabdfl> ok, i've taken too long to get this sorted, my apologies to cjwatson and others who have been waiting patiently!

4<jenda> Congrats effie_jayx and others Wink ;)

<sabdfl> it's time to nominate new folks to the CC

<effie_jayx> this is not a goal... this is the continuation of the challenge

<tsmithe> well done!

<ShankarGanesh> Smile :)

<jatem> Wink ;)


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