=About me=

Name: Walter Fernandez

Alias: Willys_Fueguino on irc. (or Ruidoso_Silencio too).

  • Willys_Fueguino on forums.

Age: 20 (21 on September 2007)

City: Rio Grande

State: Tierra del Fuego

Country: Argentina

Last Distro: Elive.

Contact: ; ; #ubuntu-lat on freenode.

I live in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. I'm 20 years old and I'm a linux and open-source enthusiast.

I've been using Linux since August 2006. I started with ubuntu dapper and tried kubuntu dapper, xubuntu dapper, xubuntu edgy, ubuntu edgy, and a live distro called "Aurox". My preferred distro is Xubuntu but due to some reasons I use kubuntu dapper instead. My beginning wasn't easy at all, due to some problems with the video card; had to install from an alternate cd (I never did that until that moment, but wasn't as dificult as I thought).

==Ubuntu Contributions==

===Other Contributions===

  • Translation contribution to the Upstream project done trough the irc channel #upstream (

  • Translation contribution to "amor" (virtual pet sort of).
  • Translation contribution to dpkg.

====Things that I plan to do:====

  • Buy a new computer after 2009 Sad :-(

  • Become more involved with spanish translation/documentation.
  • Become a Canonical Employee Wink ;-) (as an english-spanish translator)


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