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Clear message

we'd like to ensure that Lucid works with the current generation of touch screens.

Typical Touchscreen Hardware

  • N-Trig (major supplier to Dell and HP for tablet PCs).
    • Dell Latitude XT2 (sabdfl)
    • Dell Studio 17
  • Quanta: in Acer displays and laptops, HPs, PackardBells, etc

  • MosArt: in Asus notebooks and a few others

  • NextWindow (note: no mt driver yet): HP tx1, some large displays

  • Wacom (note: the wacom driver has its own incompatible mt support): new HP mt2, some Fujitsu tablets
  • 3M: a 3M display

See for exact product references.

Target Hardware


  • [Rami] What set of devices should be targeted to cover for this blueprint?
  • [Rafi] Are Rafi's kernel patches dependent on changes from .32 to .33?