About Me

My name is Subin Shrestha, 23 yrs old, and I have been an Ubuntu user for just about 7 months. I am a student at Minnesota State University - Mankato, studying Computer Science. I am not a long time user but I've tried to use it as much as possible. I have 3 computers, and two of them are fully Ubuntu. The other one I have to dual boot for my computer science courses. Also I have to use windows at work. Hopefully, I will get a Linux related job as well after I graduate and then I can cut all ties to Windows.

Ubuntu Community

Honestly, I don't know a lot about Linux to actually give tutorials to people, but I do my best to recruit home users to use Ubuntu so that they don't have all the problems Linux has. So far I have been able to recruit four people. However, two of them still dual boot. Last semester, I also gave a presentation to general users about Linux in my University. I am hoping to do the same this semester as well.

Hopefully I'll be a good addition to the Minnesota LoCo team.

Contact Me

Email: xubean AT gmail DOT com

IRC: xubean on #ubuntu-us and #ubuntu-minnesota

Homepage: www.subinshrestha.com


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