About Me

I live in Israel, I really like open source and I am very interested in linguistics. I do my best to spread Linux using my personal and business connections. My main Operating system is Manjaro although I contribute to other distributions.


Email: <sh.yaron AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>
IRC: Yaron-Heb (irc.freenode.net) - #ubuntu-il, ##linux-il #archlinux-il
Telegram: @yaron
Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/~sh-yaron
Location: Ma'agan Michael, Israel (UTC +0200)

Summary of contributions to Ubuntu

Ive started translating Ubuntu long before I started using it. I started contributing at 2006, started using it in 2008. Since I was into software translation for many years and I really liked the idea of open source I translated open source software before I was able to use it (I had some applications that needed a proprietary Operating System. After being involved in the translation of Ubuntu for about a year I became the Hebrew translation team leader, few months later I got my permissions to commit translations to GNOME and ever since I do my best to sync translations with upstream or translate upstream only when possible.

I have 675 forum messages in the Israeli forums, some regarding translation while others technical support in various fields.

Now working as

Currently focus on

  • Setting some standards for open source translation while supporting Hebrew translators.
  • Writing some explanation documents to a project I established called Gezer Project (Hebrew).

Future Plan

  • Promote open source usage at the Israeli education system.
  • Help deal with RTL problems.
  • Reaching more Israeli translators and developers to help develop Ubuntu.


  • Yaron is a good friend, actually he was the one to guide me in all the translation area when I wanted to begin, few years ago. I believe we will all earn from his membership. good luck! Wink ;) -- ddorda 2010-11-16 00:18:53

  • Yaron has been contributing to the global Ubuntu translations community participating in discussions and sharing his ideas about translations and Launchpad. He's also involved in upstream projects and he's doing great work facilitating the collaboration between them and Ubuntu. His translation activity in Launchpad is nothing short of impressive. I fully support his application -- dpm 2010-12-04 08:12:45

  • Yaron has been an important contributor for the Israeli LoCo for some time now and his activities and contributions are both significant and lasting. His participation in the Hebrew open source and Ubuntu communities translation teams are most valuable. I'm sure Yaron will be a great addition the the family of Ubuntu members. -- eyalev 2010-12-04 15:22:56

  • Yaron is an excellent translator. He contributes a lot and also finds the best translations for words if necessary. lielft

  • Yaron is an important member of the Israeli community and the leader of the translation efforts of ubuntu to Hebrew. the ubuntu LoCo is very important to him and he helped on solving some of the problems on our community. I think he is an asset to our LoCo in particular and to ubuntu in general.moshegrey


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