About Me

I am a Linux enthusiast and programmer. I first installed Ubuntu around 2008 when my Dad's Windows computer got a worm and wouldn't work, so he installed Ubuntu. I decided to as well (dual boot). I noticed I was using the Windows partition less and less, and then used the GParted live CD to delete it. I learned some shell, then python, common lisp, and then some C. I also know a bit of Perl and Ruby (but not as much as I might like to), and some C++.

I'm a believer in GIYF (Google is your friend) Smile :)


Email: [redacted Nov. 6, 2012]


You can usually find me on IRC, bgs100 (or possibly N-14)

Contributions to the Community

  • I try to show people the huge world of Linux that they most likely (around where I live anyway) don't know about
  • I try to answer questions people have about Ubuntu, Linux in general, a programming language I know, or anything googleable Wink ;)


  • Continue learning more about programming and Linux
  • Become a member of the Beginners Team (completed: Wednesday June 17, 6:44 PM)
  • Show more people the world of Linux


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