Bryan Harris

Email: <brywilharris AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>

Hi I'm Bryan. I have used (and currently use) Linux at home and at work (in a Windows only environment) for 10 years now. I have worked to report and squash bugs in Ubuntu and upstream for almost as long. I'm beginning to work on adding my favorite packages to Ubuntu.

I'm currently working to get Veusz added to the Ubuntu repositories.

I'd like to get BRLCAD added if they will work with me. All the developers are running Windows now, so It's going to be an uphill battle I suspect...

I like to squash bugs, and I plan to continue adding patched packages to my PPA for testing (and so people who have problems can use their software).

I'd like to get more Mechanical Engineering software added to Linux (because I'm a Mechanical Engineer). This is a real weak spot on Linux in general because non-software Engineers are typically not programmers. I have some of the tools necessary to meet that goal and I'm working on it. I hope I can find some people to help here at Ubuntu.


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