Phil Camlin

Email: <>

About Me

I am a Highschool student in Thunder Bay Ontairo Canada.

I first started using Linux in April 2008 with Ubuntu. Before Ubuntu,I had used Windows XP since 2001. I started using Ubuntu because of my dad convincing me and havent turned back. I have experience with Solaris Kubuntu Ubuntu Xubuntu Windows and Mac OSX

I know a little about programming but not too much. I am currently learning more about it java and html

My Involvement

Ubuntu Forums

I spend my time on the forums mostly in Networking and Absolute Beginner Talk I like to help people in threads with no posts but ill help on any if possible

Future Plans

In the short term, while I am getting mentored, I plan to get more active in the Ubuntu community.

In the long term, i would like to start developing open source programs and becoming a mentor myself,


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