Decentralized Ubuntu

Here is a draft about Decentralized Ubuntu. Ubuntu focusing much on the core and leaving software problems to the developers, but this description is only a draft

The Problem

Developer release package version 1 stable and 1.5 in testing. Ubuntu has the package version 0.5 stable and 1.0 in testing. ubuntu users are using 0.5 and find bugs while there is 1.5 going to be released and the problem gets even bigger when there is LTS and Standard release. then it would be







Standard Ubuntu release



LTS Ubuntu release



Suggested Fixes

  • Developers have a repo where they can push their apps directly to Ubuntu and Users can enable or disable such a repo


  • Developers get their applications tested more
  • Developers will get closer to users and Ubuntu get less problems
  • No more "you are using outdated release" problem
  • For Ubuntu it will save manpower as many packages will be left to the developers to take care of.
  • Bugs might get fixed quicker as people could report it directly to the developers.
  • Developers might prefer launchpad for their bug tracking as users will be testing their latest software release.


  • Users might have less stable packages


Some one might think that handling package directly to Ubuntu community is not secure. I think it's to the contrary as users will be getting their packages from the developers directly.


  1. If you let one app move forward independently the feature can break. integration is the main part ubuntu devs are doing.
  2. Loose all Q&A

  3. Every upstream dev is free to add his/her project and provide daily builds, stable builds etc in a PPA


  1. There is already many PPA offering latest and testing releases from developers
  2. Q&A is on the packages mainly not the apps

  3. Every user will have to add every single PPA manually


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