My name is Hertatijanto Hartono, and I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. I have used and implemented Linux since 1999 for various purposes from firewall, DNS, FTP, DHCP to IDS, and been using Ubuntu since 2008 starting with Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron. Have been a member of Launchpad since late 2008. I have implemented extensive Ubuntu Servers and desktops at work, in a hospital group environment with 12 hospitals as group members, and now exclusively use Ubuntu at home. I also do some bash scripting, and C/C++ and python programming under Ubuntu, including cross-platform programs, at work and for fun. I sometimes helps out at #ubuntu and #ubuntu-server.


Contributions to Ubuntu:

  • Translates GUI front-end to ufw

  • Translates GUI front-end to duplicity

  • Translates a few other projects

  • Created and manages Launchpad Indonesian Translators team

  • Answers a few Ubuntu related questions in Launchpad

Future Plans:

  • Development of network related project for Ubuntu desktop is planned: program in C, uses Glade and Net-SNMP library

  • Maintain Launchpad Indonesian Translators team



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