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David Thomas (aka dthomasdigital) Bio

http://www.dthomasdigital.com/ubuntu/d_thomas08.jpg||<style="width: 600px; border: none;">I started working with Linux off and on since 2000, in 2006 I found Ubuntu and in January of 2007 switch to running all I could on Ubuntu. Soon after that I found [:MichaelRimbert:Michael Rimbert], an Ubuntu member, who had started to lay down the foundation of what is now an official LoCo team [:NewMexicoTeam:The New Mexco Ubuntu Loco]. I decided to do everything I could to make The New Mexico loco as successful as we could make it. We went from 2 members to 30 members in juts 6 short months, and in November of 2007 we achieved [:NewMexicoTeamApprovalApplication:official status]. We also have some pretty ambitions [:NewMexicoTeam/Projects:projects]. I'm currently the information technology specialist manager for the Metropolitan Court for the State of New Mexico. With more than 15 years of experience in the technology support field, I have held many titles from systems administrator to network engineer. I have a few technical certifications which include; Help Desk Analyst Certification (HDA), Help Desk Manager Certification (HDM), and I'm Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Foundations Certified in IT service management. I've been an active member of the Help Desk Institute (HDI) since 2005.

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