To do

Things I would like to see done:

  • Laptops
    • eeepc team
      • Transition from old hardy module to natty/oneiric/precise wmi module
      • Expand focus from original models to all eeepc models
      • connect with laptop-qa team
    • Better support for laptop features such as "special" function keys, internal microphones, Intel HDA jack-sensing
    • Better support for the laptops I still use: Asus EEE PC 1001HA (ralink rt3090), Toshiba Tecra A1 (intel video), Toshiba Portege M200 (Toshiba SD slot, nvidia, wacom)
    • Better support for mobile broadband devices in Australia & NZ, e.g. "Vodem" 3805-z.

  • Ubuntu Studio
    • Rebuilds of linux-lowlatency in precise, at least for point releases
    • linux-lowlatency in quantal to be adopted by ubuntu-kernel team
    • Broadcast workflow
  • Translations
    • Use commonality of en-gb, en-au & en-nz better

    • Identify the packages that will actually use translations submitted via rosetta
  • Better Android / MTP support
  • Better supported features in casper persistent usb-sticks


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