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== Contributions == == Teams ==
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 * {{attachment:star_on.png}} Became an [[|Ubuntero]]  * {{attachment:fla-team.png}} Member of [[|Ubuntu Florida LoCo Team]]
 * {{attachment:lp_beta_testers.gif}} Member of [[|Launch Beta Testers]]
 * {{attachment:teams.png}} Member of [[|Local Community and Advocacy Presentations and Media]]
 * {{attachment:python16x16.gif}} Member of [[|Python]]
 * {{attachment:teams.png}} Member of [[|Spread Ubuntu]]
 * {{attachment:bugsquad.png}} Member of [[|Bug Squad]]
 * {{attachment:teams.png}} Member of [[|Ubuntu Florida Website]]
 * {{attachment:teams.png}} Member of [[|Ubuntu Microblogging]]
 * {{attachment:mini-buntu.png}} Member of [[|Ubuntu Users]]
 * {{attachment:mini-buntu.png}} Member of [[|Ubuntero]]

About Me

Hello from Melbourne, Florida! I am a former Marine, and belong to Florida's Ubuntu Local Community Team. I really like how the Ubuntu community has created this network of Local Communities! I was a Debian "Woody / SID" user prior to using Ubuntu when it was first released. It's kind of ironic looking back, at the time I had recently purchased an AMD-64 Shuttle that was top of the line at the time. At the time there were only a handful of distributions that supported 64-bit, This oddly named distro appeared near the top of my google search, "Ubuntu". I first downloaded the i386 live cd, and went on from there to download and install the AMD 64 version, and then on to install Unreal Tournament Tournament 200x which released a 64-bit version of the game shortly after.


I have spent the last year and a half running a linux special interest group that focuses on Ubuntu for a local Windows-based user group. I have held two install fests a week after both Hardy Heron and Intrepid Ibex released. I am active in the Florida Local Community Team since I joined in September '07. I am beginning to get more involved and plan on learn!


I really like to play the Acoustic Guitar, when I am not busy downloading podcasts for my daily commutes to work. I also love to spend extra time with my Family!

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