About Me

Hi! I'm a biomedical engineer. I'm studding micro technology. I'm a big fan of technology in general. I enter in the free software something like 10 years ago, but it's been thanks to Ubuntu that helps me to immerse really dip in this great world. I also learn something about programming, in fact I have a blog about ruby and python. Nowadays I use Ubuntu and python with a lot of FS tools at work and home. I also join the bugsquad team a few months ago, and I'm trying to get involve as much as I can.

In a nutshell

  • I've been using Ubuntu since June 2006 (Dapper). I have previous experience with Linux with Conectiva and Mandrake.
  • I'm learning ruby and python.
  • In Dic 2009 I signed up to the Ubuntu Bugsquad Team to start triaging bugs.

Local community

  • I participated in the first Argentina Ubuntu Global Jam on March 27th 2010. There, we reported some bugs, we did some testing of the latest Ubuntu version available (Lucid Beta 1) and we made some translation with Rosetta (thanks to flor for teaching us how to use it). The documentation and some pics are available at ubuntu-ar site and here. Thanks to unimix and sismo for the pics!

  • The loco team Argentina participate for the first time in two events in simultaneous of the Flisol, we've been in Gonzalez Cat├ín and in Capital Federal. I personally went to Capital Federal, there, we install some 9.10 and a lot of 10.04RC (The crowd was asking for it). We have a really good time. The only problem were some extraneous and their even more extraneous WiFi boards. Pics thanks to Z37A.

Global community

  • I've been participating on the Bugsquad Team since Dic 2009, trying to learn and get used with launchpad.
  • I'm participating on Ubuntu Beginners Team (developers division). You can find me at the channel.

Programming skils

Studding really hard python and ruby. You can take a look at some code in Github and Launchpad or you can visit my programming blog or my

Contact Information

Marcos Vanetta

Where in the world

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Launchpad ID



malev @

Personal website


I would like to

  • Participate and organize on a Ubuntu Jam (done!)
  • Complete a 5 a day (done!)

  • Give a talk about bug traigging
  • Join the MOTU's team
  • Applied for a Ubuntu membership



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