Basic Information

Name: Sean McGowan

Location: Leesburg, VA

Hometown: Herndon, VA

Timezone: Eastern Time Zone

Education: University of Mary Washington, B.S. Mathematics

Employment: The Boeing Company, Software Engineer


Current Distro: Lucid


IRC Nick: mcgo or mcgowa

IRC Channels:

  • #ubuntu
  • #ubuntu-bugs

About Me

I began using GNU/Linux in January 2009, looking for something more similar to the Solaris UNIX environment that I operate in at work. After dabbling with a few distros, I settled on Ubuntu because it did the things I needed to do (web, finances, office suite) the best with the least amount of effort. In other words, it just worked. Since then I have joined the NOVA LUG where I have attempted to help when possible, and learn from the amazing amount of talent that exists in this area.

I have experience in C/C++ (rusty), Java (limited), and Perl (This is predominantly what I do at work).


I am looking to broaden my skill set, and help out with the FOSS movement. I would like to take on more of a developer's role, and am looking to gain experience in this area.


My time is currently limited, and it is impossible to know what times I will be online; however, chances are higher during the following:

  • M-F after UTC 2230
  • Saturday and Sunday random times throughout the day

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