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Nitesh Mistry

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Mumbai, India

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geekosopher / mistrynitesh on irc.freenode.net

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ubuntu --AT-- mistrynitesh --DOT-- com

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About Myself

I started using Kubuntu (and Linux) since Feisty days simply out of boredom of using Windows XP. But after knowing and understanding the philosophy behind Ubuntu and other FOSS, I am glad I ditched proprietary OS. KDE is my desktop of choice. I did 'distro-hopping' initially but eventually settled for Ubuntu because of its rocking community.

I am a student of accountancy and do not have any formal education in computers but I am always enthusiastic about learning new tricks to improve efficiency on computers especially on command-line. More personal information can be found on my website. Among other things I also write about Ubuntu, Linux and FOSS in general on my blog.

Community Involvement

My involvement with the community is scattered at various places. I usually hang out on #kubuntu irc channel and grab the opportunity to show my coolness whenever I find a gullible noob trying to get help. I also do the same with people posting questions at launchpad Wink ;) and I also earn karma points for doing it! Being a native speaker of Gujarati, I help in Gujarati translations at launchpad. I do basic bug-triage primarily because it helps me learn more about internal workings of the software. I also like interacting within my LoCo where all the wonderful Ubuntu users from India converge. I share the responsibility of being the loco contact for the IndianTeam with other team members. We are working towards getting our loco reapproved.



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