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Linux user since 2000 (Mandrake --> Mandriva), and ubuntu user since June 2007. I joined the ubuntu-tn in the same month as normal member and I become the team owner and administrator in April 2008. I'm one of the core members of the Tunisian Local Community. I'm one of the founders of the approved Tunisian Loco Team ubuntu-tn and I'm the Loco Team contact. My main goal is to promote Ubuntu in Tunisia, with a focus to Tunisian universities as I'm an university teacher.

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My first contact with the ubuntu community was in ubuntu-fr forums, and I was pleasantly surprised by the reactivity of the community and the wealth of the documentation. But I was mainly surprised by the fact that it's an open community as in that time the Mandriva (my first Linux distribution) club was accessible only by paying registration fees. As a contribution to the community life I :


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